2010: A Year of Hits and Misses

6:29:00 PM

2010 is a year of hits and misses. I say 'is' since as I write, we're still a few hours away from the dawn of the new year. I say 'is' because the truth is, there is still a part of me that refuses to let this year go.

There is no need, no point in recalling all that has happened this year. All I can say about it is this: This year, I have been to places, literally and metaphorically, that I had never imagined I would be in when the clock stroke midnight 364 days ago. With every experience, good and bad, I think I've grown wiser; although there's still so much to learn. I'm also happier albeit not having everything I want.

For 2011, I believe in greater things for all of us. Whoever said "Life is what you make it" knows what he/she was talking about. In my dictionary, 'cliches' are almost always synonymous to 'truths.' Sometimes we just happen to wake up on the wrong side of the bed but please always remember that bad days need not end the way it started.

Now I'm not going to name drop but to those who have been a part of my 2010, in one way or more, I want you to know that I am thankful to have met all of you. I see you all as God's instruments in helping me learn all that I needed to learn this year. Maybe some of you will not make it to my 2011, and I to yours, and it's a sad realization. People come and people go; but that does not value anyone any less. And for those who plan to stay, I pray that we continue to grow in love and good cheer with each other.

2010 is a good year. Today is a good day. 2011 promises to be greater. Tomorrow is another day of awesomeness waiting to happen.

Signed with love,

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  1. Happy new year Dani!!!
    Let's have an Epic 2011! :D

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR DANI!! For sure 2011 will spell MORE HITS than misses! Good luck!! :D

  3. people come and go. isang malaking malaking CHECK!

    ishembot na natin nang todo todo ang 2011! eto ang taon nating magaganda at awesome! hihi

  4. Happy new year Dani! :D if 2010 was not super malupet, let's rock 2011 :)

  5. Happy new year! I gotta say, you seem awesome. Hope we could meet sometime :)
    (Also, I am hoping this doesn't seem creepy haha)

  6. Happy New Year everyone!

    @Ela: Hi, haha I am officially inviting you to join our Binondo foodtrip. You too, @Mai.

  7. Happy Year sa inyong lhat....

  8. happy new year dani! more posts from your blog! it's nice to look back and remember the positive things always. they inspire us that better days will come in the next year! cheers.

  9. happy new year, Ed and Athena! =)


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