Awesome Picks for August: Cities of the world

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I love Manila. I really do. Albeit everything in this city that most people would want to wish away (sucky traffic, slums, "trapos"), I cannot imagine living elsewhere in the world. But I'm not too patriotic to say that I won't enthusiastically jump at an opportunity to spend say a few years culture vulture-ing in San Fran while finishing Masters at the Academy of Art (aaah the dream). In fact, when I'm feeling stuck in a rut, I turn to wanderlust.

In photos and lyrics, I share to you my top three cities to visit:

#1 - San Francisco, California, USA

San Fran June 28 037

Baby take me back to the city of love
To the place that I've been dreaming of
Wake me up in San Francisco 

san_fran_first_days-033Chinatown (San Francisco, California)
San Francisco - Tilted

And I know what you did in San Francisco
I know what you did in San Francisco

#2 - Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece Sunset

You who were born with the sun above your shoulders
You turn me on, you turn me on

slice of athens
Evzones, changing of the guards, Athens, Greece.
Parthenon - Athens

Save your poison for a lover who is on your side

#3 - Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Castle

I pack my suit in a bag
I'm all dressed up for Prague
I'm all dressed up with you

Prague Old Town
Prague Easter 2010
Prague Towers with Sun

I could wait for you
Like that hole in your boot
Waiting to be fixed

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  1. Dream travel destinations: Paris, New York, and Madrid. :)

  2. <3

    Ako, anywhere except the US siguro. Hehehe.

    Mostly culture-heavy countries talaga ang gusto kong ma-experience. <3

  3. @Ela: Classics. :)
    @Robbie: Well yeah, iba yung surrounded ka ng history eh. :)

  4. Oooh I have my own list in my blog! Haha nag plug? - Ambitious Sandie

  5. Sandiiiieeee! Napaka-ambitious mo, makapag-plug ka. Hahaha.


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