Awesome in Manila in The PBA!

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Awesome in Manila in The PBA! | Awesome in Manila

Awesome in Manila is a finalist at The 2011 Philippine Blog Awards! How awesome is that?! And what's even more surprising is that this blog has been nominated in not just one, but two categories: Personal/Diary and Lifestyle on National Level! That is just beyond cool! Now I don't know (yet) who sent in the nominations but whoever you are, you should come clean so I can give you a hug!

This is totally unexpected! I just want y'all to know that I appreciate every comment and every "like" this blog has received. Honestly any interaction that goes on in here excites me (as in "wow yay may comment"!). I can do all these things, go to all these places, eat all these food without being bothered to blog about it but you guys make it so much fun to share! (No bola, hindi ako cheesy! Nagmo-moment lang. Haha.) So thank you, thank you, thank you everybody and a very special thank you to whoever was responsible for this early Christmas and birthday treat! Deo gratias for this wonderful news!

My friend The Creative Dork, who told me about the whole thing, is nominated for the second time also in the Lifestyle category, while Dam's The Dam Nation is a finalist for Entertainment and Will's Me Likes Art is in Culture and Arts! TK is on a roll! I also want to congratulate Splice and Dice (Readers' Choice and Bloggers' Choice) and Lakad Pilipinas (Travel) for making it on the lists!

It's been a really interesting year and this just adds to the craziiiies! I feel so cool! Hahaha. I feel like giving away something! Like cyberhugs! (Hahaha kureeeps.) I still have my what-face on and I feel like doing a banana dance! (So many exclamation points and hahaha's in my head! Too psyched!)

Update: Smarla's Everyday Sweet Notes is also a finalist but in the food category! :)

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  1. you deserve the nominationsssss Dani!!!! :)

  2. Gusto kita makita mag-banana dance! Hahaha.

    Congrats Dani! And cheers to us! TK rocksssssss!!! :D


    No, seriously.


    But you totally deserve it. Your blog is just so fun to read and it is freaking neat. Inggit ako. Hahaha.

    Next year, nominated din ako. Hahaha. Kasi ino-nominate ko sarili ko. BWAHAHA.

    Anyway highway. Have an AWESOME Christmas Danita.


  4. Hi Dani! Congratulations! I hope you bag the two top spots :) As for me, I'm already satisfied for being listed as one of the finalists under the literary category, but winning, of course, is always better :)

  5. Ay ikaw na!! Congrats, Daney! Nasan ang burger?

  6. nasa McDo ang burger! Mukha ba kong McDo? Hahaha hi Sandie!

  7. Congrats! I love reading your blog, you totally deserve this :D

  8. again, thank you guys! Sobra! :)

  9. Congrats! Very well deserved.:)


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