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There's a new name cashing in on #PinoyPride – you know, the whole "wear your Filipino pride" business. Not really a new feat, but I promise you that this one is definitely legit. We're talking the real deal, bros and sissies.

The Pinoy culture is rich, and I really truly believe that aside from world-awing tourist destinations, our geography offers advantageous living conditions. But the reality is many people do leave – willfully or against it, in packs or with families behind – but#2 there is a silver lining: Filipinos go far. Filipinos go beyond "greener pastures". And that is an idea Native Gunss celebrates. No matter how far we Filipinos go (figuratively and literally), there is something from home that we can always take with us. That you, kapatid, can (and should be) brave enough to represent where you came from.

That is the story of Juan Carpio – Igoy to his friends – the brain behind Native Gunss. Igoy grew up in the residential district of Sampaloc, then migrated to Los Angeles, where he joined the military. Eventually Igoy got assigned to Honolulu. The idea for Native Gunss came along somewhere in March this year, which he shared with his team consisting the designer Verlyd Dela Paz, the PR girl Kachi Parado and a Tito Robert who's the main endorser/promoter.

Native Gunss | Awesome in ManilaNative Gunss | Awesome in Manila

I was able to do a short interview with the team behind this up and coming local brand. Check out what they have to say about the current Filipino pride movement, Marcos' widow and the hottest Pinoys in the world today.

There seems to be a boom in patriotism in the Philippines lately. In your opinion, when did it start and what prompted it? And where is Native Gunss positioned in this seemingly sudden uprise?

IGOY:  I think it started here in the States. 'Cause people like Jabbawockeez, Apl D Ap [and] they're all Filipinos. And here in Cali, your race is a big deal.

KACHI:  I think people just started to realize na they can make their own stuff that other people can enjoy din. Since si Igoy, mahilig sa shirts, he decided to create one [to] share his views to people who can appreciate it. The thing is, madami na ngang ganoon ngayon. NG's different in a sense that pinapakita niya na Filipinos or Filipino culture can easily be adapted - kahit nasaan ka pa, or kahit ano na naranasan mo, Pinoy ka pa din. The designs are somewhat foreign but it is incorporated with Filipino values. a way, people here needed somebody to show them na it IS cool to be Pinoy? Na kahit saan ka mapunta, you can wear it like a badge?

IGOY:  Yeah.

What do you think is the most important thing every young Filipino should learn?

IGOY:  Always look back were they came from. Always stay humble.

Native Gunss on Imelda | Awesome in Manila

What makes Imelda an icon?

VERLYD:  I'm the one who chose Imelda. Most people often see her bad side. Pero little do they know, ang dami niyang nagawa for arts and our culture during their time.

KACHI:  Imelda has done a lot of things for Philippine arts and culture. If I'm not mistaken, siya nag-hold ng foreign film festival o awards ba yun during the Marcos regime. Imelda is the the Queen Victoria of the Philippines, heavily attached and attracted with the arts. NG used her for the first design to establish that Filipinos can appreciate art and can make art.
The Manila Film Center, at the southwest end of CCP, was built in 1982 to host the first Manila International Film Festival. A total of 17 films competed, with India's 36 Chowringhee Lane winning Best Picture. (source)

A local personality/group you would love to collaborate with:

IGOY:  For me, kahit sino as long as they're willing to embrace what we put out. Hindi yung puro sabay sa uso lang. But I would love to see every skater, rapper, basketball player, b-boy dancer, hip-hop, and bands to wear and represent it.

KACHI:  As long as you're legit Pinoy, half or whatever, you can help represent NG and yourself as well.

Three world-acclaimed Pinoys and why you think they're so hot right now:

IGOY:  Pacman. Eric Spoelstra. Jessica Sanchez. Manny is always hot 'cause of his boxing career. Eric Spoelstra got the respect by winning a championship in the NBA. Same with Jessica Sanchez, with her American Idol runner up [win].

What should we expect from Native Gunss soon?

IGOY:  More variety of new shirts.

What one thing is definitely more fun in the Philippines?

VERLYD:  Culture.

IGOY:  Rice. Joke. Teka...hospitality...because ours is special. Way too different from other countries.

Native Gunss also takes orders from outside the Philippines. For more information, to make inquiries or check out their designs and make purchases, subscribe to their updates on Facebook.

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  1. Love the designs! I hope I can get one soon. :)

  2. That's true, Imelda did A LOT for the arts. I'm gonna get that shirt.


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