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At some point I actually considered pursuing fashion design. I doodled (I refrain from using draw to avoid expectations) a lot when I was a kid and sometimes I would even try out my "designs" with my mom's Singer. That dream eventually washed away along with my interest in Barbie dolls as soon as we (siblings) were introduced to the mighty Play Station 1. (We fought sweat, blood and tears taking turns in that beautiful invention, until the console broke and we discovered teh Internetz and moved on with Sims.)

But every once in a while I would go back to the days when the only channels I recognized were MTV and the Lifestyle Network, taking notes on the current trends of the high life and wishing someday I get to live like that. Or at least, dress like them. I would watch runway shows (and collect mounting issues of candy magazine) and deny it because during that season in my life, ang peg ko ay one of the boys. It felt like a personal fail (identity crisis levels), considering that out of all the designers I can fall in love with, it was the uber girly, rock-and-roll, hearts-candies-kisses, ultra hot pink fashion of the lovely Betsey Johnson.

(From Betsey's Instagram)

I adore her. Which doesn't really show in the way I dress, except maybe snippets - referring to my inclination to floral and an occasional pop of color. I love that her runway looks are both artsy and wearable(-ish), and that's not a usual combination. Her pieces are fun and, though bordering on girly, still not cheesy. I am just dying to get my hands (or well, my skinny little ass :P) on a Betsey dress.

Lace short sleeve dress for $118
Polka dot long sleeve dress for $118
Zip front tank dress for $108

I'm still not a very adventurous dresser and it's quite obvious in the pieces I chose for this post in particular. I may have a little bit of quirk when it comes to accessories but in general my style veers toward lazy casual. Actually I'm even thinking about updating my wardrobe with more structured pieces (for "feeling grown-up" days). I'm thinking these Betsey numbers will keep it fun and give that not-a-girl, not-yet-a-woman feel. (And as my girlfriends would say, "Lels.")

Oversized floral watch for $95
Oversized leopard watch for $95

I L.O.V.E. Betsey Johnson's watch collection. It's the right amount of cute without being ~*>cutesie<*~ and  can instantly doll up an otherwise boring outfit. I've never been a fan of wearing watches until recently (I still check my phone for time) and to date, I only own one piece (this Bowie watch from Cotton On, I'm such a cheapers creepers), which I imagined would look fine with almost any outfit. But OMG~ Betsey. I may just be biased but I'm thinking I can rock it and people would totes forgive me for looking haggardly pulubz on some days.

Her bags are lovely too, if you like embellishments and colorful designs. She makes footwear as well - platforms, boots, sandals and even sneakers. And swimwear and lingerie. It's all in her website.

I seriously think that if by some cosmic luck I get to visit one of Betsey Johnson's stores, a switch in my brain will flip and turn the cray cray on. And if I still couldn't afford anything, I'm gonna try on as many dresses as I can and savor the moment with mirrored selfies. ♥

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