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#IntoTheWILD | Awesome in Manila

If there was any indication that I have an inner beast, maybe it was when my appetite decided to RELEASE THE KRAKEN! at the buffet table Saturday afternoon at InterContinental Manila. They had the most amazing tuna croissants and the venue being a multi-star hotel did not stop me from fiesta-filling my plate. I had three, and that’s only aside from the cheesecakes and the donut. YOLO.

Together with two of my closest friends, I joined other bloggers characters in partaking some blogging wisdom at Nuffnang Philippines’ Blogopolis 2013. This year, the theme was Into The WILD - Weaving Information for Leaders of the Digital World (hence the beast reference). The daylong event featured speakers who are well known in the platform.

The Lion: Content is King

Opening for the king was Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, who discussed how social media has become a powerful tool in the rescue and relief efforts for the victims of typhoon Haiyan. One could make out a lump in Ressa’s throat as she read a short documentation of how it was like to an outsider stepping into the aftermath.

For Lori Baltazar of Dessert Comes First, intent is important but action is king. It may have been a metaphor for DCF’s transition to podcasting (I don’t remember exactly) but it is a truth that resonates in everything we set our sights to.

Put out quality content, and invest in the people you work with. I like best what she said next: be gracious. Kindness goes a long, long way. And to close, she threw in a nugget of wisdom for everyone, blogger or not: do work you can be proud of.

TJ “hot stuff” Manotoc was there to talk about Twitter in the Newsroon. He pointed out that social media has changed the way news is delivered and received and that now, it has become a two-way street.

The Soaring Eagle: Community & Advocacy in Social Media

Everybody grinned in agreement at this Jim Paredes quote: “You’re not really a netizen unless you’ve been praised and condemned.” In his keynote, Paredes shared his thoughts on The New Nation 2.0. He said the best thing about social media is also the worst: the un-policed freedom of expression. If we are online, we are exposed to the world (and I guess, at the other end of the spectrum we too are part of this world) so we should be careful to do it right. When we get it wrong, just admit it and say sorry.

(Check out: ‘Be, do, have’ is Jim Paredes’ formula for creativity)

Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter and Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums was a funny tandem. The organizers of the niche bazaar Bloggers United offered practical insights into mounting successful blog events.

In the same light, Jeff Lo of Pinoy Fitness conferred how he was able to engage a community of runners through his blog. Most recently, around 350 of them met up at the Mall of Asia for a run while rounding up donations for typhoon victims.

The Age of the Urban Ape: Maximizing Your Social Media Platforms

The real life couple behind Googley Gooeys, Tippy and Anthony Go, gooed their way to Intercon with their media kit on hand (well, on-screen) as they discussed how to create a compelling blog and social media proposal. One word: branding. Statistics, analytics, target readers, USP – all that shiz.

In my own interpretation: Treat your blog as more than just another rented space in the interwebs. It is a brand, a product, an idea – it is your message to the world. Package it, market it, advertise it. “Use your own words.”

The Parrot: Market Your Social Media Platforms

Nuffnang country manager Abe Olandres, more popularly known as the brains behind Yugatech, touched on hitting the “Next Million” – making it big in the blogosphere.

Chuckie Dreyfus and wife Yen left the crowd much-needed practical tips on “The Ultimate SELFIE” or how to manage social media accounts. They shared important notes on (among others) consistency, honesty, being silly, responsibility, engaging readers and reciprocating.

Other personalities who lent their time for Blogopolis 2013 included Josh Vilannueva of Rappler, Christine Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer and Jackie Go of Go! Jackie Go.

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