Sometimes, old is still better than new

8:02:00 AM

In life and in love (CHAR) and in blogs.

Ain’t it the truth tho?

Around May this year I decided to pack up and leave good, ol’ Blogger. Because it seemed impersonal to leave without a note, I whipped up a short one but it was rather, um, held back. I skipped the painful part of goodbye (the why) and went straight to the well wishes because the truth is, I didn’t really know how to put it. (Or I thought I did.)

It's like a relationship that lost its essence and when you're at that point where you're about to let it go, all you can offer is a farewell nod, a bittersweet smile and some sort of respect that will never translate to anything more.


Seven months have passed, I understand now why I really left and it wasn’t as hopeful as I must have felt then. At least for Awesome in Manila (if not myself), this is home. At best, it’s her safest place; and at worst (only because she gets easily bored), it’s her comfort zone. Then she came to a point in her life where everything was so pretty and so pleasant, she felt as if all the familiar things were only going to spoil it.

So she left and tried to find her true purpose, a realer voice and a place to “belong”. Only to realize that nothing could be truer than what she’s already started or realer than the voice she’s always had. That home is home because it’s hers, and what deeper sense of belonging was she still looking for?

Sometimes, old is still better than new | Awesome in Manila
As it is. Nothing new. A cliche.

Sometimes, old is still better than new. Home is still cozier than the coziest couch in Starbucks.

What I’m really trying to say here (yes, she still likes to beat around the proverbial bush) is, well, I’m back! Here where it all began, and hopefully, staying for good. I know it gets confusing and it is a bad habit to be jumping from one place to another but, assuming that you guys are still in for the ride, I can assure you that it only gets even more awesome from hereon.

I’ve got new friends for you to meet and new (mis)adventures to share. I’ve migrated everything from the Wordpress site and still have a few more stories waiting on the hangar. Plans on how to make 2014 our best year yet are taking form in scribbles and doodles and crazy talk. I hope to turn this into a collaboration and my first choice of partner is you, dear reader.

For now, consider this as a soft opening of sorts.

I’d love, love, love to hear your thoughts!

What would you like to see in Awesome in Manila? What hidden gems in the city can we share to the rest of the world? Would you like to tell your own story here?

Suggest, suggest, suggest!

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