The SciFi Café, introductory

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The SciFi Café, introductory | Awesome in Manila

I finally got to check out The SciFi Café at Robinsons Galleria and I have one word for all my feelings that day: HEAVEN.

If it weren’t for the “al fresco” tables, it’s easy to mistake the cafe as a specialty toyshop. Atom and his Real Steel friends would only make less than tenth of the welcoming party – as glass cases are filled to the brim with expensive playthings facing the establishment inward and out.

If I were to personify the store, it would feel like coming face to face with an overly giddy Girl Scout (like from cartoons) selling freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and throwing in some milk for good measure. Hard to resist.

The SciFi Café, introductory | Awesome in Manila

We were seated right next to Lord of the Rings memorabilia, but since I haven’t seen any of it I couldn’t appreciate the weaponry as any more than great ideas for a pendant. But on its left…I found a man’s heart, Tony Stark’s that is. It glowed alongside Iron Man’s Mark 2 and Mark 3 head busts (or are they helmets) and as I stood there I wondered…now where to find a hammer??? (I kid, I kiiid.)

Actually, they do keep one inside the store, mixed with Vader and ‘trooper helmets, Hogwarts cloaks and wizard wands, but I may not be Norse enough to lift it. Behind me was the great Marvel universe represented in stretchy spandex and bright colors. DC was somewhere in there too.

The SciFi Café, introductory | Awesome in Manila

From the ceiling hung vipers and starships. Star Wars character figures invaded a section of the shelves. R2D2 mingled with Ted.

The other half of the room is understandably child-friendly. The princesses and their princes host a ball at one side, while Woody and friends (including the mean, dirty bear) pictures daycare at the other.

Basically, toys everywhere.

The SciFi Café, introductory | Awesome in ManilaAnd the food? Well, let’s just say it’s not what we came for. Before actually checking out the place, I came across reviews that said the food was too expensive for its quality (not necessarily pointing out naman na it’s crap). It lowered my expectations so for our table of four, we just got a plate of Nacho Libre (P270) and a Strawberry Milkshake (P130) for myself. The nachos were fine but we were wondering if it was intentional that the cheese was cold. The strawberry milkshake tasted like everywhere else’s too. I lied, there really wasn’t much power in it, but it’s not so bad either.

But hey, the menu was creatively thought-out! Two Towers (stacks of squid and onion ring), Van Hellswing (Buffalo wings), Iron Ham Carbonara, The Godfather (pomodoro), and more pop culture puns!

I got so excited about the concept behind The SciFi Café that I forgot it’s not a completely brand new idea. There is a toyshop in BGC that doubles as a restaurant called Heroes Concept Store. I’ve had the fortune of introducing some friends to that store but I am yet to try their food. The only difference between the two is that Heroes actually sells some of their stuff, and well, better reviews on the grub. Nobody gets on a high horse though; I’ve only got love for the both of ya!

No hope lost for The SciFi Café in my books! I am definitely going back (hence “introductory”), primarily to take better photos (a concept such as needs better visual treatment) and well, also to give their edible offerings another chance. It would be absolutely wonderful to chance upon the owners as well and hear interesting stories (if any) about their purchases.

The SciFi Cafe
4/F East Wing, Robinsons Galleria,
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue,
Mandaluyong City

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  1. Wow! The Iron Man mask gives me chills just by thinking of holding it in my hands. I hope there will be a SciFi Cafe here in Cebu soon. By the way, I've included your profile in my Pinoy bloggers directory. Here's the link: . Please let me know what you think. :)

    1. Oh wow! Thank you, Val! That's a great way to bring together and introduce bloggers. :) I like discovering awesome blogs so I guess I'll be dropping by often.

      I think it's just a matter of time before more geek hubs sprout across the country. :) And if a new one opens in Cebu, the lot of us here would be itching to see it din!

  2. Geek bric-a-brac! I want to live in this cafe for the rest of my life! Well, at least a day or two? :)

    1. have you been? :) I didn't want to leave!

  3. Ooohhh nice. I must dine here soon. And you can wear the vader helmet din! how much damage for four peeps? parang snacks lang ginawa niyo?

    1. Yep, and an Iron Man and a Storm Trooper and play around with other costumes too! Snacks lang kasi we had lunch somewhere else, dyahe naman tumingin lang :P Single order meals per head would be around P250-P400, pero may large platters naman sila for sharing. :)


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