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Wai Ying | Awesome in Manila

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate growing another year older than stuffing my face with Chinese food. I’ve said this before and I will never tire of repeating myself, I can eat Chinese food all day, every day. And for my birthday to fall on the same day as Chinese New Year…you can just imagine how it doubled my delight!

So together with three of my longest-time friends, I braved the busy streets of Binondo, for once not minding people traffic and the seemingly futile search for restaurants with empty tables. We actually enjoyed all the fuss that I’d normally come to curse. We ended up walking all the way to Sta Cruz (near Hope Christian School), when the farthest we’d usually go was La Mien’s street.

We were bent on having good food that afternoon, and between Wai Ying and other names in the area, the former was the clear winner for our feasting-ready appetites.

Wai Ying | Awesome in Manila

I want to start the review by just throwing the price at ya: all in all, we spent a little over P1,300…and for a group of four, that means a lot of food. Our table was literally overflowing with delectable dishes. We laughed so hard realizing how the plates casted shadows down the table.

It was unusual for us to come across a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t offer much dishes in sharing size. I was expecting big plates of yang chow and meat and seafood dishes, but we ended up having separate main entrees and dimsum to share.

Wai Ying | Awesome in Manila

I had the mixed roast duck / soy chicken rice meal (P220). I could have been happier if I just stuck with the latter. I wasn’t a fan of the roast duck, but since it was my first taste of the delicacy I can’t place whether it’s Wai Ying or the dish itself that I can’t appreciate. One bite felt like driving through cholesterol expressway.

But I loved loved loved their soy chicken. It was tasty and the flavor seeped through the tender chicken meat. I’d die for anyone who’d teach me how to make it!

Wai Ying | Awesome in Manila

Kachi and Randy both had lemon chicken rice (P130), which first intrigued me too. When I had a bite though, Randy had already doused the sauce with spice so I couldn’t properly describe what lemon chicken tastes like.

Jess had asado rice, which I learned is not the same as what you’d find inside a siopao. I only accepted this as fact now. It was sweet (naturally) and the pork was well-done.

The radish cake (P60) was a favorite in our table. It was recommended by Jess the Chinese one so, of course, we had to get it. As I had expected, it’s not something I would have. I don’t even eat radish sa sinigang.

Wai Ying | Awesome in Manila

Moving on to the dimsum!

First off, there is siomai in every nook and cranny of the city but that is not an excuse to forego a plate when in Binondo. Chinatown siomai shames pushcart siomai, get that in your head. And Wai Ying’s siomai is definitely one for the books!

Their fried dumplings were muy delicioso and so was their fried lumpia! If I think-tasted it correctly, the lumpia fillings were the usual sahog you’d find in Chinese pancit. Basta it wasn’t just minced pork.

Wai Ying | Awesome in Manila

Their hakao (P60) was for the win! It was a no-brainer. You can’t not have hakao when hakao is available. And Wai Ying’s was so far the best I’ve ever had!

Wai Ying | Awesome in Manila

This, however, was not the best fried rice (P90) I’ve ever had; in fact, it was rather disappointing since this is Chinatown fried rice we’re talking about. It didn’t taste like anything, which was a letdown since I’m all for flavorful rice.

Loved their milk tea though! With much confidence and penchant for stating the obvious, I say authentic milk tea (P55) is way tastier and more satisfying than any of those you can buy from stores that popped up because of the craze. It was a good mix of milk and tea and happiness.

We were also amused to see what real lemonade looks like…and surprised that it’s really just sliced lemon in sweet water. It was refreshing, and it made feel like I could never have processed lemonade anymore after that. (Then I remembered Recovery Food’s and so goes that thought. Haha.)

Generally, we had a fantastic time at Wai Ying. Food was gggreat! The only sucky part, particularly in this branch, was awful staff attitude and confusingly slow service. The manager and a server didn’t even bother to conceal their differences in front of the customers. They were hurling ill vibes at each other while serving the food! We were like, what. is. that? And we were wondering why other staff (who clearly weren’t doing anything) kept pointing us to one guy to get our orders.

I hope they can do something about that, because I am definitely going back! (Perhaps we could go for the branch in Taft, or the other Binondo store near La Mien next time.)

Wai Ying
Benavidez St.
Sta. Cruz, Manila

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  1. Great review! Well I must agreed with you that some of dishes are not serve as the buffet style yet the food is great and awesome as expected. cleanliness wise, I rated it as 3. Another Binondo trip today.

    1. Ah yes. Medyo a little question mark on the upkeep of the place. Pero that goes for almost any restaurant in Binondo naman. :D


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