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Bag O' Shrimps finally opened (softly) at the Tuscany side of things in McKinley! We've been looking forward to this recent addition to McKinley Hill's small but interesting array of food choices since we saw the sign. And why the hell nut? The name alone promises bags of happiness in crustacean form <3 The only people I know who don't eat shrimp are the ones that can't (allergies) and even they break the rules every once in a while!

I got to try Bag O' Shrimps when an old colleague dropped by the Hill sometime last week and Piazza's full parking space forced us to drive around until we spotted its inviting interiors. He mentioned that a friend (who owns the establishment) was requesting for him to check it out. And as lady luck would have it, there was a spot open just upfront.

Since it was just days before payday, we couldn't afford to get seafood by the bag. A pound of shrimp costs a little bit more than P500, and crabs, clams and mussels somewhere between P130 to P250 in minimum grams. But going through everything we ordered again, I feel like it wouldn't have made any difference. Maybe next time.

Shrimp popcorn (P275). We couldn't not have shrimp tho, so we went for shrimp popcorn which comes with tartar sauce. Cooked just right but as far as taste goes, it was okay. There was nothing so special about it. For the same price I can make garlic prawns in bigger servings.

Crispy calamari (P225). Halfway through we were starting to think that maybe it wasn't wise to have as much fried things in one sitting. We did get a cup of rice (P40) each but we wanted flavor.  And while I do like their crispy calamari more than the shrimp popcorn, it also didn't fare different from what is offered in other menus. 

Dynamite stick (P135). HOT! I love chili cheese sticks, but only when cheesy overpowers hot! First bite into these babies got me panicking for water. It didn't ooze with cheese as one would expect from a cheese stick (or is that too much expectation from a cheese stick) but you get the jalapeno sticking right out the wrapper. Needless to say, there was no second bite.

Even though my first dining experience at Bag O' Shrimp wasn't close to anything awesome, I have not given up hope for this neat little place. The laid back, beach house ambiance is enough reason to return but I'm also optimistic about all the other stuff we didn't try.

Bag O' Shrimp
Tuscany Estates, McKinley Road,
McKinley Hill, Taguig City 

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