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Quick Bites: Mad Mark's | Awesome in Manila

I'd have to give it to Mad Mark's for having the best affordable steak in the metro (at least IMO). It costs just a little bit more than Snackaroo's, and the place is eons more comfortable (AC, YES!) and convenient from where I live. The latter is still the clear winner in terms of meat servings at a certain price point, but Mad Mark's steaks are not too far behind in being a tummy-filler.

I've had Mad Mark's on top of my Kapitolyo must-try's, primarily because of good word from friends. I finally got to check it off last month, when I met one of my college buddies, Fong, at Pasig for a dinner date that we've been planning for a long time. We talked about giving each other a taste of what our respective turfs have to offer.

We both had the signature steak (healthy serving for me - P225, feast for her - P395), with Bootstrap sauce. I went for grilled corn and bacon & potato salad as sides, while Fong had mashed potato and bacon & potato salad as well. (I just discovered that she is a potato person!)

Again, do not be fooled. The plate was huge! I thought I'd deserve a pat in the back for shunning rice that night, but look at how the sides took over more than half the space. I swept the corn clean, but left a few chunks of potato behind. (I was so busog - I just couldn't anymore!) I also tried a forkful of Fong's mashed potato, which was heaven in a lump! But I just have to say they're a bit stingy with white gravy.

Now onto the steak. I wanted mine well-done and Fong's medium rare, but it was served to us a level of doneness lower(?). I got what she wanted and she got rare, which she had sent back to the kitchen. I decided to stick with mine, and surprisingly liked how the meat sort of melted in my mouth. It looks small but it's actually packed. Filling. Especially if you oft for the feast serving, which gives you two slabs of beef goodness.

I specifically told Fong I'm having creamy mushroom since I favor creamy sauces over barbercue, but it slipped from her mind and so there was no variety in our table. The sauce she chose worked well naman with the steak, and even with the grilled corn. It was sweet and a little bit tangy, very flavorful.

Mad Mark's will definitely see me again. I have to try their man sandwiches (what is that?!) and wings and fries and homemade ice cream.

Mad Mark's Creamery & Ice Cream
23 East Capitol Drive,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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