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"I already had lunch," I said to our accounts person, Marnie; but it was about 2pm already and she still hasn't, and she insisted on not eating alone. So we sat in one of the tables behind the open kitchen, on the dingy side of this hole-in-the-wall, contemplating the perils of a second lunch. (We still had some official business to attend to.) Meanwhile, Marnie is ordering surprisingly cheap porterhouse steak (P150) for everyone, with lumpiang sariwa and a smoked fish dish on the side.

Do not underestimate it. The photograph does not justify this but Snackaroo's porterhouse steak is actually bigger than my hand. Snackaroo was highly recommended by one of our art guys, Noel, who used to work for a media network with main offices in the area. He said it's always packed with people, which means it must be good, so I figured, ahhh fine, I'll just run off the calories the next day. 

I used to come to Timog (about five minutes away from Kamuning) every day in my first year as a working girl, but I had never known about Snackaroo until now. I must have noticed it before and passed it off as nothing special. It is, by and large, a karinderya. There is no air-conditioning. You're most likely to walk out smelling like food. And their toilet room is medyo Fear Factor levels for the OC ones. Considering all these, you'd probably think "ah, baka steak-steakan lang".

As we waited seven to 10 minutes, the rain poured hard and my brain cells started melting away. I'm pretty sure that after the server placed our orders on the table, I stared a good few seconds at this thing in front of me. Serving size is large - definitely value for money, but there was nothing impressive about the presentation. Basically, you get steak in a plastic plate with a bowl of cornstarch-based gravy.

The verdict: I wouldn't go as far as saying it's the best affordable steak in the metro (others think it), but I do get the recommendation and the good reviews. The meat was tender and juicy and seasoned just right. Busog lusog ka dito, kid! You could have it without the house gravy, it's fine. I wanted the full experience so I poured generously not only on my steak but also on my rice, and for a moment there I actually considered falling in love with QC again.

Snackaroo Specialty Foods
J. Jimenez St., Kamuning,
Quezon City

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