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Quick Bites: Crazy Katsu | Awesome in Manila

Crazy Katsu’s been in my mental list of must-try’s for a while now. While I’m not one to get easily swayed by food trends, it would be hypocrisy to say that I never get curious – as is the case with the katsu craze that hit the metro sometime ago. Many have come and go since then – ramen, DIY pizza, cronuts etc etc etc – which makes now the best time for anti-queuing people like me to try as much as we can.

It’s a bit surprising to find a menu as simple as Crazy Katsu’s. There was nothing crazy about it, in fact. The menu sports the logo on one side, and a selection of about 10 dishes at the back with no persuasive descriptors. Katsu is katsu is katsu must have been the big idea. Hey, it made ordering easy.

I had katsudon, and the best friend went for chicken katsu.

Quick Bites: Crazy Katsu | Awesome in Manila

If you’re trying out Crazy Katsu for the first time, take my word for this: you won’t go wrong with their chicken katsu (P145). Do a quick Google search and it’s easy breezy beautiful Covergirl to find one or five other blogs to support this. You will appreciate how tender the chicken meat is, how crunchy the breading is (and not overdone, to the point of being an all-breading fillet), and how everything – with the salad and the spices – comes together awesomely with the special sauce. It’s just…perfect.

Quick Bites: Crazy Katsu | Awesome in Manila

On the other hand, there wasn’t anything particularly special about their katsudon (P150). I would be bold to say that it doesn’t offer much difference from the ones you get in more popular fast food joints – at least in terms of taste. The meat was cooked well naman, but everything altogether leaves much to be desired. I just ended up finishing Mharge’s chicken katsu.

It was a good idea to swing by the Taft branch on a Saturday. They don’t run out of customers, but it was nice to not have to wait for a table on a weekend lunch. I like the crowd and the spot – perfect for catching up and/or studying!

Crazy Katsu
GF One Archers Place,
Taft Avenue, Manila

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