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I had been eying The Shrimp Shack ever since the first time I noticed its beach-y interiors next to The Old Spaghetti House at my default mall, Robinsons Manila. I can't claim to be the biggest fan of shrimp but who can resist this crustacean delight? So when Jil hit me up for a (failed) movie date, I suggested we dine at this recent discovery after.

They played a whole lot of bossa nova, and I regret now not introducing them to Jack Johnson. Apart from the photographic wallpapers and the varnished furniture, I never (not for a second) felt like I was being transported to the beach. It felt like The Shrimp Shack was trying so hard but...yeah, no. And the food...let's make this short and sweet...couldn't deliver a bigger promise. Here's what we had:

Quick Bites: The Shrimp Shack | Awesome in Manila

I can make this at home. And I'm an amateur cook. There was absolutely nothing special about their Shrimp Scampi Spaghetti (P220), which is a major letdown considering the fact that The Shrimp Shack's food comes from The Old Spaghetti House. I had to sprinkle lots of salt and pepper to taste, and I couldn't ferret out the garlic flavor - not from the spaghetti, not from the shrimp!

Quick Bites: The Shrimp Shack | Awesome in Manila

Safe to say I'll never be ordering this one again, should I even find myself dining in The Shrimp Shack again. They really had nothing much to offer, at least nothing you won't find anywhere else, and their service was too damn slow. It took them about 20-30 minutes to serve Jil's order after mine.

Quick Bites: The Shrimp Shack | Awesome in Manila

I'm sure Grilled Baby Back Ribs (P260) don't cook fast, but there should be a certain amount of consciousness for diners with company. We waited about 10-15 minutes for mine, which means Jil waited for hers for about 30-45 minutes since we placed our orders. And they never even gave us an abiso that it will take that long. Buti na lang she liked it (not loved, though) and it was satisfying enough for a hungry, growing, butt-kicking (literally) kid.

Quick Bites: The Shrimp Shack | Awesome in Manila

Since I get filled easily these days, I didn't really have much room for the Baja Grilled Corn (P75). Took a few bites and had it wrapped to give away. Pretty expensive for buttered corn. My only resolution was that it wasn't salty to the point of a kidney-wreck. Again, I can make this at home. (And anything I can make at home is not at all restaurant-standard.)

Quick Bites: The Shrimp Shack | Awesome in Manila

But if there was anything worth the excruciating wait, ito lang 'yun. I loved how Jil's expressions were contradicting and not at the same time. Taking in the first bite, I asked her so, is it good? and her initial was response was to shake her head sideways as if saying no, but followed with an mm-hmmm immediately after and a face that's about to cry. I dove right in and BOY OH BOY, I can still remember the heavenly delight that was the vanilla ice cream on top. A brownie is a brownie is a brownie but this really is...Salted Caramel Decadent Brownie Sundae (P145).

So maybe I would come back. But not for the shrimp.

The Shrimp Shack
3F Midtown Wing,
Robinsons Ermita,
Ermita, Manila

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