Aussie's Awesome flies to Hong Kong

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Aussie's Awesome flies to Hong Kong
Off to Hong Kong for a bit of sunshine, but I think I got too much of it. I got sun-burnt.

Hi! It's Aldryx from down under, writing for Awesome in Manila for that extra kick of awesome! *insert fanfare here* I went to Hong Kong for a trip to the world's smallest and most affordable Disneyland for a big birthday bash for me and my friends. I did have great fun thanks to my wonderful people. If not for them, this trip would have been a major flop.

So maybe Hong Kong wasn't 'that' kind of awesome. I would say its about 200 percent less than it would have been in the Philippines. It is still more fun in the Philippines. Seriously. For starters Hong Kong's atmosphere smells like Tutuban and Divisoria. Everywhere apart from Habour City which is their high fashion mecca.

Aussie's Awesome flies to Hong Kong | Awesome in Manila
Harbor View from Tsim Sha Tsui.
Aussie's Awesome flies to Hong Kong | Awesome in Manila
Avenue of Stars. Hong Kong's Little Hollywood.
Aussie's Awesome flies to Hong Kong | Awesome in Manila
Some park around the corner from the Avenue of Stars. A really nice resting place for a very hot and humid day.

Culture Shocked

I felt a massive surge of culture shock when I came over to Hong Kong. Generally, the people of Hong Kong are not very warm and welcoming, and most of them seem to be on the go most of the time. They like to do most things at a super fast pace and being a tourist who wishes to have the exact opposite sucked a lot. People here eat and run in a restaurant, no rest time, no savouring every bite and no selfies either. My friend told me it could be because not a lot of them like to stay in one single place because there's not enough space for everyone which sounds reasonable enough. My thing is though is that if they are going to accept tourists and their money, I believe it is only rightful to be more open, and understanding of foreigners. We want to immerse ourselves into what you do, we want to know how they think, feel what they feel. Because as an adventurer, we want to explore and learn from other cultures so if Hong Kong would be so closed to their own stuff, they'd better close their borders and keep to themselves. Just saying.

Little Things to Love About Hong Kong:
Urban Planning Geniuses

Despite hating a lot of things about Hong Kong, I was able to make a little list of things that I loved about their country. One of which is their urban planning. I think it is brilliant. You'll find that buildings, roads - pretty much everything is well-placed. They have maximized every single nook and cranny of the small land that they have and that is very commendable.

Aussie's Awesome flies to Hong Kong | Awesome in Manila
City View from Victoria Peak. You'd consider this heaven from the HELL you will be coming from to get here if you took the Peak Tram.
My advice: skip it and take the bus.

Law abiding cititzens

Hong Kong people are very, very, VERY - I can't stress this enough because they are extremely law-abiding (except, of course, the corrupt politician scumbags). They love living in a full scale system. Maybe there are a few rebels that disobey (or maybe they're not locals) but most of the population like to follow the rules, and live by them. So be it road rules, parking regulations and even escalator rides have a custom that they follow. And even though it sounds ridiculous, they will and will follow the system like religion.

Hong Kong grub

The next big thing on the good things in Hong Kong. Super sarap teh. Tim Ho Wan, for one, is not overrated. It's seriously good food. Enough said.

The chaotic line outside Tim Ho Wan's little shop in Central.
It's a good thing to know that once you get seated, it's worth the going through this hell. This line goes on all day long.

Tonic Medlar and Petal Cake.
It's a gelatin, and it's not for everyone to enjoy. It has a very unique taste. I could not work out what it's made of apart from gelatin and goji berries. A very interesting dessert indeed.

I normally don't eat matchang because of its exquisite taste, but this is the exception. Wrapped in the lotus leaf is a sticky rice cake full of goodies.

I forgot to note what this one's called but it's beef dumpling filling, steamed on rice and topped with egg. SUHRAP.

Beef Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce
This is to die for. Order two if you ever come here. Super bitin kasi.

This is my least favourite because it's shimp, and that is my little bias with it but to be fair, its the best shrimp dumpling I've ever had.

BBQ Pork Buns.
And finally, Tim Ho Wan's famous BBQ Pork Buns. I had one of these babies here in Brissy but they pale in comparison to these bad boys.They are well balanced and you could eat them all day and get fat.

I work at Maccas (that's McDonald's for you non-Aussies), and so it's only proper that I visit our sisters in Hong Kong and see how they are faring. Well, I'd say their service is crap but don't worry, they won't give you that for a meal (apart from their wraps - just don't get one).

Aussie's Awesome flies to Hong Kong | Awesome in Manila
They serve breakfast soup, and it was really nice! It's like sopas sans the milk.
Cavatappi Pasta in soup with mixed vegetables and grilled chicken. Yummy.

But then being Filipino and a rebel, I added Half and Half in the soup. Its a thousand times better. So I present Le Sopas. Bon Appetit.

Asian sizes. Figures. I asked for a small but...moving on.
FFS. I call shenanigans. I bring my own matcha powder at work to get one or I have to go somewhere else if I can't be making it.

Hong Kong Shopping

Shopping in Hong Kong is pretty decent. Though I don't know if we might have been early for the July sales since they haven't completely dropped down yet but then again its not bad. It's like having a normal sale in Australia, nothing so great but then again they have a lot of American brands that I don't have much access to. Only because we don't have all the major brands in Brisbane, they are mostly in Sydney and Melbourne.

1  Its Paul Frank, Its got a Union Jack Print. EEZ MINE! XD
While I'm at it, I may as well get some tea and the guy who works for Fook Ming Tong was very helpful and nice. He even gave me this which is pretty good for newbies but it was a very kind gesture that I appreciate. He is by far the nicest person I met in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong wouldn't have been on my places to visit list if it weren't for Disneyland. I just wished they had more English show times on some rides. Or maybe I should've just gone to Florida. But since I didn't have the money to do so, Hong Kong it is. I did get what I paid for though.

1   The sign itself makes you squee in excitement.
  The train is probably the easiest and cheapest way to go to Disneyland and it is so cool to ride the train! I forgot to get photos inside though. My friend has them all.

The Parade in Disneyland will give you a Major LSS and as my friend would put it "Lakas maka-Happy!"
Filipinos dominate the performance of the parade, and they say "Hi" to you and all that while dancing with FULL ENERGY in comparison to the other performers.
For a moment there I wish I had their Job. Look pretty, be nice, be the Disney princess that you represent - I think I can handle that. HAHAHA
Filipino Musicians! Lakas maka-proud to be Filipino. Galing!
And the Princesses are in charachter! FABULOUS!
Unfortunately, no Prince Charmings. VERY DISHEARTENING. I wanted to steal Florian from Snow White for two minutes.
"Do you have a tissue?" Rapunzel sang to her servants in the tune of that snowman song.
 This girl is super benta! We loved her to bits! Not only is she in character but she is full of fun!

I completely forgot to shout that Andy was coming. But then tinalbog ko siya sa infinity and beyond. My kili-kili says hello! HAHAHA #shameless

1   This is how the Disneyland Main Street looks like in the day, and there's shop after shop. I felt like I was in a Hollywood set.
2   And at night its a wonderful city of lights.

1   The shops are filled with everything disney from cookware to underwear. I just wanted to buy everything I wanted but alas, I am poor haha!
2   Ooh and here's my ticket
3   This baby right here is a collectible coin from the many coin mills scattered around the theme park. Each mill has three different designs and you can try and collect them all by visiting the places marked on your map and organise them in an album that you can purchase from the shop or you can keep one like I did and put it on a phone charm. You can also buy the completed coin album if you want to ruin the fun of it. I think this is one activity that most people overlook. It may cost you a bit of money but what the heck, you're already in Disneyland, just enjoy it.
4   So everything is Mickey down to waffles. Though Max Brennor's still make them better but you can only get this in Disneyland so whatever.
5   And there's also the Mickey Ice Cream~ I felt like I was seven again. HAHAHA

So at the end of the day they hold this fireworks and lights show and yes they do the arcing shooting star as they do in every movie. I just didn't take a picture. I just wanted to enjoy it than fuss about taking photos. The show is fantastic! Its not polished perfect since there was a few upsetting mishaps in the performance but it's pretty good enough for Hong Kong standards.

And that concludes my four-day stay in Hong Kong. and if you ask me if I'm going to come back, I'll say no thanks, and I am not recommending my friends to even dream to visit. Let's just go to US for all the Disneyland thing and go to china for anything you want to buy from Hong Kong shops. So that's a wrap. Thanks for having me!

Natsuhiko Boshi is really Aldryx Flores. Mix flour, sugar, stardust, clouds and plant the mixture on a mountain top closest to the sun and an Aldryx will blossom. Be forewarned that his presence can cause pain from super bear hugs.

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  1. Hi Dani! Interesting trip you took here! Sorry HK wasn't more to your liking, but looks like you still had some interest experiences to remember! I'll agree with taking bus to the peak, I mention that on my site. But I'd say Bus to the top and Tram to go down, less lines and still get to see both routes! Would be most greatful if you could mention my site about Victoria Peak - including instructions for the bus! As most people end up just with the website about the peak tower and tram, but I'm trying to make my own site about the whole area, people miss out on the great country walks or the wonderful parks and just get stuck in the shopping malls and having to pay for the viewing platform, instead of walking the quiet paths and seeing it for free, which I think is sad. My Victoria Peak site is - :-)

    1. Hi Raymond! Actually, it's a guest post by my friend Aldryx. I am yet to visit HK, and I'll make sure to check out your site when I make plans to finally visit. :)


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