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Dani's 8 Everyday Apps | Awesome in Manila

A real category on my app drawers

1. Calendars by Readdle (Free, iOS) - I love and hate the simplicity of the iPhone's stock calendar app. As evident in my blog's layout (present and past), I don't scrimp on white space. But as I've mentioned here, I do get a bit OC about what I see on screens and that includes categorizing my schedules. I need to know at first glance if someone's celebrating a birthday or if there's an urgent work thing, and little gray dots do nothing to help distinguish. Calendars by Readdle have color markers and it is sync-able (shut up, word nazis) with Google Calendar to make sure you stay on track even when you switch devices.

2. P Tracker (Free, Android) - Because.

Photography and video

1. VSCO Cam (Free, iOS and Android) - I discovered just recently that Google Play allows postpaid numbers to make Store + in-app purchases and have it charged with the monthly bill. Five minutes into that discovery, I got myself four new presets ( and a +1 on decision-making skills). It needs no further justification. VSCO Cam is, hands down, the best post-processing app out there. Also: dnllaustria.vsco.co.

2. Chromic (Free, iOS) - #YesFilters! Chromic is a video-grading app (not for complete editing) that's very easy to use: import, choose preset, export. I used Chromic for all our Laiya videos before stitching everything together via Windows Movie Maker. The result is this same-day edit.

Flawless synchronization

1. OneDrive (Free, iOS and Android) - Google Drive is awesome for sharing updatable files with other people but when it comes to keeping all sorts of personal documents within reach, I have OneDrive. It has a much simpler interface and it comes pre-installed on the Windows 8. I'm connected to Major even when I leave her at home. When I need reminding, I can easily pull out my daily devotions or review the week's connect group material using either one of my phones.

2. Keep (Free, Android) - Great for quick note-taking. I have the full-screen widget up on home, eliminating unnecessary taps just to get an app running. I don't even use Evernote anymore.

Let's get physical

1. Runtastic and Runtastic Me (Free, iOS and Android) - Two different apps. First, Runtastic is a workout tracker that is also useful for non-runners. You can log in data (time, at least) for activities like yoga, pilates, kayaking, ball sports, etc etc, and it calculates (assumably, I presume) burnt calories taking into account available body data. For runners, it logs more: pace, speed, distance, route, weather, surface and even current mood. On the other hand, Runtastic Me presents itself as "a passive tracking app" which helps you monitor movements not likely to be given any thought. I use it mostly to check how close I am to my daily 8,000-step quota. You can sync both apps to get a better picture of your daily/weekly activities.

2. MyFitnessPal (Free, iOS) - I also started logging in food intake with MyFitnessPal. I don't know about the accuracy of the calorie count, but you'd find just about anything there is to eat including karinderya food. It also integrates with the Runtastic app, making it a bit easier for users to track overall fitness.

I left out the usual stuff like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because...who doesn't have them, right? Most of the apps in my phones (with an s, yes), I've had since forever and the eight on top have gone with me from phone to phone. (I have had about five this year.) Including games like Zombie Smasher (iOS, Android) and Injustice (iOS, Android).

But enough about me. Which apps do you swear by?

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