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Day one of the 8th IMMAP Summit ended early for us at the Social Strategy breakout group. I thought what a perfect coincidence that the session was cut a speaker short since I had been stressing all-day about how I'd get to Solaire just in time for a thanksgiving party with the best friend. But when one of adobo's girls pulled out the MMDA app and we saw all routes bleeding red, we knew it - there was no braving the terrible traffic.

Fortunately, I managed to get a hold of Mharge who told me to wait for her go-signal as she was still securing the shuttle service. She would be coming from Binondo, I from SM Aura in Taguig. I had about an hour and a half to spare but with the company of four awesome girls, waiting was a non-issue. Since they couldn't get out of Global City too, we decided to grab dinner at one of the restaurants I had been eying since I first stepped inside SM Aura, Love Shack.

Love Shack | Awesome in Manila
Because pag-ibig. There is no denying that what caught my attention was its name.  I wanted to know if Love Shack is mostly a date place or if it also caters to a more general concept of pagmamahalan. (Because if it was the first, I am probably not returning anytime soon. :P) I am happy to report that all the single ladies, who is not likely to have a ring put on it in the near future (sounds many-ways wrong), won't find a discriminating ambiance inside Love Shack.

Love Shack | Awesome in Manila

Basically, Love Shack is all about comfort food. Burgers are their specialty, but you'll find everything from soups to salads, pastas and rice dishes that are sure to fill.

I was so tempted to order Tomato Crab Pasta (P290) simply because crab, but I was promised a seafood buffet for free that same evening. I looked away with so much pain in the puso…until I heard Kriss utter the three most beautiful words of the English language that later on satisfied my week-long crustacean craving. She had everyone in the table try her crab pasta, which came with a generous helping of REAL crab meat on top. The sauce was a mix of tomatoes, cream and crab fat. It was so good, every forkful made me feel like I was winning in life.

Love Shack | Awesome in Manila

It was Pesto Pasta for Trexie. This is also good, quite garlicky (standing next to chives among my favorite flavors). It's a no-pretense dish that doesn't really do more than what it promises. And to me that's a good thing for when you don't really want to think or feel too much about what you're eating.

Love Shack | Awesome in Manila

Fong had the Bigger Beef Burger Basic, which I think is just a bigger version of the Basic Burger (P240). Duh-doi! She got close to a half-pound of real beef burger with the usual TLC veggies and tiny croquettes on the side. The beef was soooo good - I am positive that it can make a burger convert out of me. It's not at all fatty. The meat was tender and it crumbled inside my mouth as I chewed. Great to pair with the croquettes!

Love Shack | Awesome in Manila

Nicole had the Love Shack Burger Creation 1 (P260) (not pictured, the one above is still the Bigger Beef Burger Basic) which was dressed with fresh mushroom sauce and packed with caramelized onions, lettuce and Gorgonzola cheese. I was not able to try this one, but she did seem happy with her order.

Love Shack | Awesome in Manila

Dessert came first for this buffet-ready girl! I did let everybody grab a bite of my Mango Torte with Walnut Crust (P180)—partly out of need because as you should already know (if I actually have any regular readers), I have very little tolerance for sweets. While I could appreciate the balance that it tried to achieve with sour mango balls and whipped cream (mmmmmm), I actually felt the walnut crust scratch against my tonsils. I forced myself to finish half of it and passed the remaining work to the girls.

Love Shack | Awesome in Manila

Looks really good though!

All in all, Love Shack proved to be a good decision on a busy weeknight. Definitely going back for the Tomato Crab Pasta and the burgers.

Love Shack
LG/F SM Aura Premier,
26th St. cor. McKinley Pkwy,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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