The Danniversary Special: A Workspace Looksie

10:09:00 PM

Today (September 16) marks my first workivesary with DDB.

Unless you're coming fresh into the workforce, I don't think a first anniversary should be much of a big deal. Especially if, like me, you can't stay put in one place for so long. (I'd probably throw a party if I last until the next one.) But a year is still a year—there are loads to be thankful about, and I needed a good enough excuse to do a What's on my desk? post. (No, you're not allowed to psychoanalyze.)

Left to right:
  • Lego Movie Batman cup from a McDonald's Happy Meal
  • Assorted papers: J.O.'s / memo pads / leave forms / business cards / file CDs
  • Ideas notebook and Emman's (ACD) copy of Cutting Edge Advertising (Third Edition) by Jim Aitchinson. Good book!
  • LG G2 Mini + bright blue Philips bass earphones
  • Hot air balloon mobile by Bleps (former art director) 
  • Cork board (P88, Daiso) with photographs and Pinterest printables
  • Toys: P50-Iron Man figures, River Song action figure - a birthday gift from Misha (managing editor, adobo), a Bearbrick from Noel (art director)
  • Kurekolor artwork by Summer (digital copywriter) 
  • DDB mug filled with Sharpie, Crayola color pencils and markers that I rarely use
  • Stainless steel Vikings mug from a History Channel event
  • Alcohol + hand lotion, cannot live without this combo
  • Aeropostale hoodie from mom + Bleps' ear warmers (P88, Daiso)
  • Good ol' white Macbook

I like to work within the confines of what many creative people would excuse as "organized mess". Even my home study looks like a disastrous dream. I wish I could give a scientifically-proven explanation that ties disorder with creativity but in my case, it may just be pure laziness.

Preach, pizza, preach!

So this is where some of the "magic" happens (if you can call it that). Do not be fooled: it looks a lot less white and pretty in person, though still very colorful. Sometimes I like to retreat to the corner den or the pantry, especially when rushing some work. I used to sit right next to the printer/copy machine but out of everyone's (much-appreciated) concern for my mental and reproductive (uh-huh) health, I was allowed by HR to move one workspace away. (Yay, future children!)

My digital life is a different story though. A friend who has gotten hold of Major (my Asus Q200e) once commented that I'm a guy when it comes to things. I do like to "leave my socks on the floor", but I am majorly OC (pun not intended) with computer files. All my photos are arranged by year > month > event, movies by genre, music by artist > album, documents by company/client > project > batch, and I don't like messy filenames. I also like to "review" my online profiles every once in a while and "declutter". I'm not after building a perfect image. It's just that poorly-taken photos and unthought-out posts make me wince.

Like this side-by-side selfie and quote (source):

(Haters gonna hate.)

I've learned that the first step to winning in life is to show up. The next is to make something out of every single day. Karen Lamb couldn't have said it better (but Picasso probably did: “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone."). Looking back, I wish I could have been more aggressive in keeping good ideas alive. While we do have to choose our battles, I'm pretty sure there were some that could have been won.

But ah, here's to one more round.

Anyways, I'd love to see how your workspaces look like! If you're posting on Instagram or Twitter, do tag me (@awsmchos). There's really nothing in it for you except good ol' self-gratification.

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