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The name may sound tacky but bless, the food is no joke!

Happy Delicious Kitchen | Awesome in Manila

I was quietly hoping that a better way to kill time on a Sunday afternoon would fall on my lap from out of nowhere. Church service ends at exactly noon but our Connect Group session doesn't start until three hours later. What I had in mind was to look for some work to do on the side…until one phone call changed everything (hugot.ph). In less than an hour, I found myself in gastronomic Chinatown!

Angel's boyfriend, Carl—also known as "piggy miggy", was craving for Chinese and since they were calling from Quiapo, "Binondo" was my no-brainer response. I already know that Carl cooks and because of that, Angel shared, he's rarely happy about spending on a meal out. So I thought of leading them somewhere I've already tried and proven as worth the hassle. In fact, I was already fixated on Wai Ying (where I celebrated my 23rd birthday) but even before we got further into Benavidez, we were stopped on our tracks by Happy Delicious Kitchen's screaming white signage. We agreed to put such a straightforward claim to the test.

Happy Delicious Kitchen | Awesome in Manila

Walking to the counter, we were greeted by an array of mouthwatering dishes. A plate of three viands and one cup of rice goes for P180, four for P210. We let another customer go first to see if the servings justify the price and were happy to confirm the possibility of waddling out of the place like a penguin.

The photo above shows you my plate. I opted for barbecued chicken, steamed broccoli and spring onion omelet. We loved everything here. The chicken was fairly sweet, broccoli was properly salted and perfectly cooked, the omelet was very flavorful. I can also appreciate how the rice was done—neither sticky, nor dry.

Happy Delicious Kitchen | Awesome in Manila

Angel had squid stir-fried with bok choy, sweet and sour fish (could be salmon) and mung bean tossed with other vegetables. Again, everything here was delicious. The squid was surprisingly soft and the way bok choy was cooked shows that Happy Delicious Kitchen knows its vegetables. Angel was also happy about her fish. As for the stir-fried mung bean salad, let's just say I've never been as happy to eat toge before.

Happy Delicious Kitchen | Awesome in Manila

On Carl's plate, we see bangus (not sure if it's grilled or fried), the same mung bean salad and a type of pork dish that I didn't get to try. FYI, the only fish I eat is bangus, which is why I didn't have anything to say about Angel's sweet and sour option. Carl's naman was just right—nothing new or exciting about it.

Happy Delicious Kitchen won me over from the very first bite, but the overall success of our Binondo trip still rested with Carl's verdict. His ruling? Well, I'm happy to report that we reached a consensus! We all happily paid for our bill and left satisfied.

Happy Delicious Kitchen
801 Benavidez St cor Salazar,
Binondo, Manila

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