SHP Bibimbab Cafe and Restaurant

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SHP Bibimbap Cafe and Restaurant | Awesome in Manila

Funny how I would always tease my sister about her K-Pop fan-girling and yet, between the two of us, I've been to more Korean-inspired cafes. SHP Bibimbab Cafe & Restaurant would be the fourth in the last two years—purely coincidental (proper use of the word, as opposed to the disclaimer for this video), since I have always felt at home with cafes in general and am constantly on the lookout for new, less-charted territories (I hate crowds).

SHP Bibimbab was recommended by someone from our church group when another one of ours, who happened to be a K-anything lover, had come home from a year in the Middle East and requested a get-together. I missed that one because of the heavy rains and equally heavy workload and partial disinterest for Korean food. I've carried the impression that, with kimchi as the default association, Korean food is generally spicy and stinky. Pee-yew!

SHP Bibimbap Cafe and Restaurant | Awesome in Manila

I only got around to visiting SHP Bibimbab two weekends ago for lack of better (newer) options. It was a working Saturday and while I would usually prefer to get things done at the comforts of my home study, I also woke up with "feelings" that day. It seemed dangerous to put myself in solitary confinement and thought it best to let the feels "dissipate" in an open environment. (Bawal mag-emote in public!) So I hit up my friend Angel, whose manner of convincing involved "power outlets", "coffee in mason jars" and "WiFi".

I'll tell you more about what you won't be seeing in the pictures by the end of the post. For now, let's go straight to the grub! 

SHP Bibimbap Cafe and Restaurant | Awesome in Manila

Having arrived during merienda time, Angel and I went for coffee, tea and cake. I forgot what it was exactly that she had for drinks but judging by its color, it must be Iced Latte (P130). She didn't really say much about it, nor did I have the sense to ask. Let's just say it's okay.

Angel was the "taya" that day—knowing about a big life decision I'm saving up for—and while I only expected a cup of pick-me-upper, she threw in a slice of Choco Ecstasy Cake (P120) for good measure. The name is an overstatement, though. You're better off with half a roll of Red Ribbon's Ultimate Chocolate Cake for almost the same price.

SHP Bibimbap Cafe and Restaurant | Awesome in Manila

What I do recommend is their Green Tea Latte (P155), which is a sweeter version of both Coffee Bean's and Starbucks' offerings. It's not necessarily better or healthier, just sweet tooth-friendlier. (On most days, though, I would still prefer the more organic taste.)

SHP Bibimbap Cafe and Restaurant | Awesome in Manila

As if on cue, we were joined by two guys (one was Angel's boyfriend, the other our common friend) just as I finished sharing something very personal. Understandably, their appetites could not be satisfied with what's left of the cake so we decided to order two plates of gimbap (Korean maki, I suppose).

The one you see on top is Cheese Gimbap (P135)--steamed white rice rolled in gym (seaweed), filled with a bit of meat, fresh vegetables and cheese. Loved this one! Not sure how it fares in authenticity, but it was good enough for my inexperienced-in-Korean taste buds. Their gimbaps come in a two thick rolls, sliced for 10 mouthful bites. (Tip: top it with kimchi for a sweet and sour balance!)

SHP Bibimbap Cafe and Restaurant | Awesome in Manila

This here is the Beef Gimbap (P135), which is basically a cheese-less version of the first one. This has more beef and scrambled egg. I never crave for maki, but I definitely see myself braving Taft for some gimbap!

So far, I have a good impression of SHP Bibimbab's food. But that's coming from zero comparison. The price point is accessible; the location not so. While it's just around the La Salle Taft area, it's also very easy to miss. If you're familiar with Benilde's SDA building, you would have to walk further along the same street (right side from Taft) and keep your eyes peeled for the cafe's unassuming sign. It's situated above a computer shop, inside a building called Mervin Terraces.

Going in, I instantly blurted out that SHP Bibimbab looks a lot like its Taft cousin, Cafe Noriter—big spaces, white walls, wooden furnitures and quirky knick-knacks at every corner. They also have isolated cubes by the windows, with low tables and cushions for sitting, which everyone seems to prefer over the "normal" dining tables. Service was okay. I appreciate that the guy who waited on us replaced the cup of hot green tea latte when his touched the tip of the froth. (At least I hope he really did.)

SHP Bibimbab Cafe & Restaurant
980 P. Ocampo Street,
Malate, Manila

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