23 for 23: Let's never stop learning

9:12:00 PM

  1. First step to winning in life: show up.
  2. The second: WORK.
  3. #2 is also how you beat uninspiring days. Inspiration can be overrated. You don't always need it to come up with something.
  4. As Kundera's Sabina (The Unbearable Lightness of Being) had found, you would be amazed at how much time you spent "pursuing one lost moment".
  5. Don't look for the answers. Live your way into them. (Thanks, Rilke!)
  6. Be less scared. Be more trusting." (Doctor Who, yes. In the Forest of the Night is, so far, my favorite Capaldi episode.)
  7. I will remember. When fear overtakes and it's much easier to doubt, I am choosing to remember all the troubles of the past that had been overcome. God's grace has always been and will always be enough.
  8. Fearing (the possibility of) bad news (coming) is a waste of time and emotions. Sure, "life" finds a way to "happen" every once in a while. Still, refuse to worry.
  9. Focus, do not fear. “Whatever fills your eyes fills your life.”
  10. In conflicts, C Joybell C writes: Fight only the most, most important [battles], let the rest go." Withdrawing, even if you end up looking to be on the weaker end, is sometimes (and most times the only) way to win in an argument.
  11. Hindi lahat ng bagay dinadamdam. 
  12. Grace tells us there's no such thing as unforgivable offenses, only unforgiving people. 
  13. Love through the painful point, right to the end. Refuse to let go. Fragile love will love up to a point—and that's not worth anything." (Anne Ortlund, Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman)
  14. And here's a new way to look at sincerity: It must be based on what is right. If we base our sincerity on what we feel, marami nang namatay." (Thanks, Pastora Angie Navarozza!)
  15. That said, one of the rightest things I've learned by experience: Give until there's nothing left.
  16. Trust me, it's better to choose half-empty.
  17. It's okay to feel some regret—over bad decisions, conscious mistakes, causing other people pain. But learn to forgive yourself.
  18. Be a little more patient with yourself.
  19. Without tolerating yourself.
  20. So you win some. So you lose some. *shrugs* You already know that you can't have it all.
  21. Just try your hardest to be kind (not just nice) to everyone.
  22. And if you fail today, try again tomorrow.
  23. Live the lessons.

I gotta admit...the last one's the real challenge. From time to time, I still make it a point to review all that I have learned from a year (or two) ago. And I find that I still fail at most of them. At the end of each day, my efforts to change can only go so far. I realize that, more than anything, I need grace.

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