Setting an Intention: 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene

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Not Adriene.

365 Days, Project 52, #100HappyDays…all that ballyhoo is lost on me. The one thing my prompt-happy self managed to see through is a five-day B&W photo challenge and that's only because compared to everything else, it demands a littler ounce of commitment. Needless to say, the most difficult part of undertaking these little projects (which, let's be honest, sounds like ideas of a really bored creative) is sticking it out.

But, you know, never mind that I suck at that part because here I go again signing up for a new one. And this time, it involves way, WAAAAY more muscular effort than hitting the shutter button. Also, it's 25 days longer than the my previous endeavor. The immediate future is bleak.

30 Days of Yoga with Adriene is basically what it says it is. You commit to 30 consecutive days of practice (read: cannot miss one) with Youtube yogi Adriene. Every day until the 30th, she'll be putting up a guide video (supposing all 20 to 30 minutes-long) for FREE on her channel. All we have to do is pull out our mats (or towels or blankets or, if you like it hardcore, nothing), hit play and do as she says.

This series is actually a good starting point for beginners, especially those who find the practice intimidating. Don't get scared thinking about yoga posesI still can't do the splits!—as it takes the body a lot of getting used to (at least for us who are not naturally flexible). Yoga is all about achieving full awareness of the body and connecting movements with the breath and sometimes, it only takes shavasana (I knew you'd like that). Just show up on the first day (whenever you feel ready, it's all just on Youtube anyway), in your most comfortable clothes, and as Adriene likes to say it: set an intention.

Your intention does not have to be as imposing as finding inner peace or reaching (an imagined state of) bliss. You don't have to chant words of wisdom from Buddha, Aristotle, Bono, Madonna or Cher. It can be something as simple yet strong as I'm gonna stick through the challenge as an act of self-discipline or, you know, something as real as I want a hot yoga body. (Works for me.) Just hold on to whatever it is that can kick your lazy butt to work.

I started late with the challenge (only on day three as of press time) but I am rather optimistic. Of all the fitness programs I've tried, I found yoga to be the most sustainable (an average of 2 to 3x a week in 2014, sometimes more). I did embrace running for a while but when you're anemic, you're easily out of breath which makes it more difficult to go faster or farther. Yoga can actually help our scanty supply of red blood cells moving, anemic friends! 

So, don't peter out! Get into the habit, commit and push yourself to the next level. And when you find yourself unable to go on, revert to this post and allow the world's greatest filasafers to lift your downcast soul:

Unawareness Is The Only Sin, And If You Were Aware You Would Know.
-Jaden Smith

I'm a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.
-Mike Tyson

Stay in school. Don't do drugs.
Aaaand I hope you enjoyed this post's Easter eggs. 

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