The Collective: 4 local, Instagram-hot shops

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Instagram is a wellspring of creativity, inspiration and shopper marketing insight...if you only know the right people to follow. Also, buy local.

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23060 is the beautiful brainchild of designer Kath Mitra. Born out of sheer observation that Philippine infrastructure does not get enough mileage in the wonderful world of stationeries <3, Kath took it upon herself to create eye candies out of Manila's gems.

I am in love with 23060's notebooks. The simplicity of her Manila designs rubs off Muji vibes but with a very local twist, and the Hardin range gives instant beach feels. I need these in my life if I want to up my #flatlay game to "kumi-Kim Cam Jones".

Read: 23060's Craftrepreneur feature inside Katha Magazine's November-December 2014 issue. 

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In a sense, Your Local is the Sunnies of Filipino restaurants on Instagram. You get so much more than what you expect (which is most likely "endless #foodporn"). Only, it's a bit more hipster and upmarket (and less contrived) than everyone's favorite eye wear brand. When you hop on over to Your Local's Instagram feed, you would notice that they very rarely feature the food they serve. Instead, you'll see a lot of behind-the-scenes with the crew and food discoveries from abroad.

I haven't given Your Local a try but seeing as it's just around the corner from where I work, I might make the move soon. I've heard a lot of good reviews about this hip, (medyo) new (medyo hipster) joint and the photos are even more enticing.  I'm most excited about the chorizo burger (with black squid-ink buns!) and cheesecake ice cream.

Created by scrapbookers, for scrapbookers. Christine, Pinky and Yam are the three "memory keepers" who make up the team behind Life Documented Manila. They all believe in the power of pictures and words (and, I'm guessing, Hallmark) in documenting experiences. Life Documented Manila sells the prettiest printables and other scrapbooking "essentials". Every once in a while, they hold workshops too. 

It was their compact version of the "Currently" prompt that got me to hit follow.

And then there's Ink Scribbler for the typography fan. I've been seeing a lot of typo (and watercolor) art on my feed lately. Interesting to note that half of them are not even from my artist friends. It seems like everyone's on a creative high these days. Personally, I'm not really that invested with typography but talents like @inkscribbler do give me ideas for little "projects" (with my planner as canvas).

Part of my action plans to achieve intentional living this year is to be a champion of local products, at least in my own little blogging ways. Not quite there yet, but I'm working on it!

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