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Sweet Ecstasy is a burger joint owned by Francesca Tobias (known to FM radio loyalists as DJ Monica Francesca), her partner Al Galang (owner and director of Sundar Bikram Yoga) and Diego Castillo (guitarist for rock band Sandwich). Originally, Sweet X (as the cool kids would have it) was located in Cubao. Back then, they were known for their cookies but the menu expanded as Al got curiouser in the kitchen. When they moved to Makati last year, they took with them a bigger selection of comfort food and even some of their most loyal patrons.

I got there a little too early for the meetup, which allowed for some time to observe business as usual. I found that waiting period for food was considerable but everyone does not seem to mind. In fact, in our entire two to three hour stay, I noticed that there was never an empty table and new diners kept coming every 15 minutes or so. Fran was very hands on, taking and calling out orders.

Sweet Ecstasy | Awesome in Manila

It took more or less 20 minutes for our sides to arrive. The wait was rewarded with Fantastic Fries (P80)made by real potatoes, naturally cut and perfectly fried and salted just right. First thing that came to mind was how it tastes and feels a lot like they ones served at Wendy's.

Sweet Ecstasy | Awesome in Manila

I'm not big on onion rings but I can appreciate the way Sweet Ecstasy does theirs. Light and quite simple to look at, it doesn't overwhelm the taste buds as others do which makes it great to have on the side.

Next came four paper tubs of gooey, sticky, crunchy chicken wings (P200 per order).

Sweet Ecstasy | Awesome in Manila

Soy Honey was my favorite. If you're new to Awesome in Manila, you must be informed that I have deep love for chicken and I love it even more when done without much arte. I prefer savory over sweet and spicy—just give me chicken, make it umami and I'll be three-year-old-eating-boogers (kind of) happy. And let's just say this one, more than all the other flavors, is right up my alley.

Sweet Ecstasy | Awesome in Manila

Buffalo was alright. Go for this one if you can't stand spicy food but wouldn't mind a subtle kick of sweet and sour. Great to pair with a tiny tub of garlic aioli.

Sweet Ecstasy | Awesome in Manila

Sriracha Lime was the clear winner in our table. Spice-wise, it was bearable but truly interesting. I've never had anything sriracha before but together with lime, let's just say there was an explosion of feelings after the first bite. There was a hotness to it that was met with the zestiness of lime. I'd recommend it to people with a palate for chicken that's a bit more adventurous than mine.

Sweet Ecstasy | Awesome in Manila

If you're into the traditional sweet barbecue coating, then Honey BBQ is for you. It was sweeter than it is smoky—a sure hit to the typical Pinoy palate.

Moving on to the main show:

Sweet Ecstasy | Awesome in Manila

Since everything in Sweet Ecstasy is cooked upon order, it took a while for our Cheeseburgers (P170) to arrive. Much anticipation was built by the tiny food tents that stood telling everyone in the table about the joint's recent feat: Sweet Ecstasy's Double Cheeseburger was named 2014's Best Burger by Esquire Magazine.

When it did come, I was relieved to find that we were served with the Double's quarter-pound cousin instead. Being a non-burger fan, I wouldn't have known how to get the more popular offering down even with a hangry tummy. (Fran shared later on that there had also been demand for Triple Cheeseburgers but that's part of a secret menu that we'll all be familiar with through frequent visits.) Anyway.

The ruling: jury votes YES in favor of Sweet Ecstasy's Cheeseburger! The verdict was delivered in customary bobble head nods and prolonged expressions of "it's goood". What we got was pure beef, really juicy, honest-to-goodness comfort food. You won't go wrong with this one.

Sweet Ecstasy | Awesome in Manila

YOLO would probably be the best way to describe Sweet Ecstasy's Nutella Milkshake (P160) experience. The world ended for my tonsils last night. It was, as expected, super sweet (duh-doi, Nutella) and reaaaally creamy. Fran did mention that they use pure ice cream and a secret ingredient for their milkshake concoctions, as opposed to other local interpretations that add in ice. As a Nutella lover (who isn't, really?), I approve of this but for the sake of my throat pads, I'll probably split it with someone next time.

Among all Sweet Ecstasy offerings, their Milkshake menu is the most extensive. They have the classics (Chocolate and Vanilla), which are joined by Peanut Butter and Green Tea (Fran's current favorite). On the Premium side, you can choose between Oreo, Nutella (or if you're gangsta enough, Nutella Oreo), PB Oreo, Coffee Oreo (Sweet Ecstasy loves their Oreos), Red Velvet, Choco Cherry, Cherries & Cream, Speculoos, Mud Pie and Salted Caramel (with or without fudge brownie). They also have "adult" variants for those wanting a bit of buzz.

All in all, Sweet Ecstasy proved to be a great place to meet new people (at least for me). Casual ambiance, a meal by the road side at the quiet end of Jupiter.  Sweet X not only marked the spot, it homerun-hit it. 

I would like to thank Aldous for inviting me to have a taste of sweet, Sweet Ecstasy. It was also nice to meet fellow foodies - I hope to see them all again in the future.

Sweet Ecstasy
10 Jupiter St. cor. Asteroid St.,
Bel-Air, Makati City

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