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TBH, there weren't much about this year's Art in the Park that got me excited. Sure, I found a few favorites here and there but the event in general was a so-so way to spend the Sunday. It wasn't that the event failedfar from it, what with the throngs of art enthusiasts (new and old), families, foreigners, buyers and supporters. It's more a matter of personal preference—there simply weren't much work that resonated with me. 

Of course I'm glad I made the trip. There were lots of familiar faces. It's always great to see friends from both exhibitor and spectator sides. Also, kuya with mad cotton candy wielding skills was a joy to watch!

A quick run-through of other neat finds:

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This piece from J Studio is my "pinaka"-favorite. It's dark, it's clean, it's sad, it's strong, it brings out a lot of (long repressed) feelings. The more I look at it, the more it appeals to me. Ang ganda. I'm not sure lang if it's by an artist named Shannah Orencio or if it was sold to a Shannah Orencio. I think the first is more likely but if there's anyone out there who can shed some light, the comments section are very much open.

Which brings me to an issue I have with the way things were organized. I know that Art in the Park is more shopper-friendly than similar events but it would be great if, like typical exhibitions, they can include proper labels to the stuff they put out on display. It doesn't even have to be plated or laminated, pencil on paper would do. 

Black, white and oriental. Three of my favorite elements rolled in one! It's so lovely and delicate. There's just something about the way the Japanese and the Chinese (guessing the Koreans too) incorporate nature into their arts. Very zen! Perfect for a yoga space <3

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This one from TUP Fine Arts has the makings of a conversation piece. It gives off an air of profundity (real or not, you decide) that I am not capable of untangling. It may or may not have anything to do with social media or popularity or something. I just think it's pretty.

Totally unrelated: did anyone else notice repeat appearances from last year? Or is it just me?

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Because pop culture. I could have it hung on my future son's bedroom when he's old enough to appreciate art.

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This could go in my future daughter's bedroom. Unless said future daughter develops an unhealthy fascination to skulls and other dark things. Oh dear future daughter, I don't mind a Daria. Just don't be Emily the Strange.

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These would have to be my second favorite. At first glance, these seem like hyper-realistic paintings but no, they're actually photographs printed on canvas. There may have been some form of painting in the process, but I got lost looking at the bigger pieces and missed the back story a kuya (not Alain) was relating.(Sorry, kuya!)

Aaand that's pretty much everything. Oh yeah, this isn't quite relevant but, boy oh boy, did I feel the urge to call for a show of hands this afternoon. For those who dropped by the event, how many do you think came wearing straw hats? Lol. If you ask me, one too many.

Art in the Park
Jaime Velasquez Park,
Salcedo Village, Makati City

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  1. Kuya cotton candy is my favorite! LOL. And that Ironman painting, because (as you've said) pop culture. :)


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