Sining Saysay: Philippine History in Art

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Sining Saysay: Philippine History Art is a project of the University of the Philippines and the UP Alumni Association, in collaboration with the Araneta Center. Through a 30-piece collection of 6 ft x 12 ft portraits, Sining Saysay documents our country's rich, unique, colorful and dramatic history.

The exhibit opened in February but only caught my attention today, while I was finding my way out of Gateway. I asked my best friend Mharge to come and check it out with me after our catching-up lunch.

Pre-Historic Philippines I by Junyee
Oh, what a trip down memory lane. It felt like learning the Philippines for the very first time. It might as well be, since I was never able to keep myself from spacing out the moment high school and college professors started yapping about our heroes and the many times, many types of white people tried to invade the motherland.

My excuse is that it's hard to appreciate a past that you never lived. I've always thought subjects like History should work a little harder in trying to keep posterity glued in. I had an Asian and World History teacher who often resorted to theatrics. Every day, we looked forward to learning about other cultures and great people of the world. Whereas all my Philippine history teachers were stern, old ladies who refused to change with the times.

Muslims in the Philippines by Abdulraman Asia Imao
I am far from what you would call 'patriotic' but, every once in a while, I like catching trivia about our country's past. Especially the ones opted out of textbooks, sometimes even hear-says. I'm only finding out now that Jose Rizal was never explicitly proclaimed as the national hero.

Galleon Trade by Jonah Salvosa
Chinese in the Philippines by Janice Young

More than passing grades and stellar test scores, the importance of studying our past lies in discovering what made us who we are now as a people. I think history also has a way of telling us how far along are we from the future we want to live in.

History of Labor in the Philippines by Neil Doloricon
Sining Saysay: Philippine History in Art is open to public viewing from 11AM to 7PM daily at the Gateway Gallery, inside Gateway Mall in Cubao. Entrance is free. 

Gateway Gallery
5F Gateway Tower Mall,
Cubao, Quezon City

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