The Collective: Love in the time of terror

10:32:00 AM

The Collective: Love in the time of terror | Awesome in Manila
How do you love in the time of ISIS?

1. David Brooks promotes experiences that "quiet the self". Do you work for an impressive, comprehensive resume or a heartfelt eulogy?

2. Robert Downey Jr talks about living honorably and passionately, as he accepts this year's MTV Generation Award. Deserving!

3. Trailers! New releases this week - Star Wars: The Force Awakens shows off more new characters and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gives a glimpse of why these two heroes are pitted against each other. Tell me, do you bleed?

4. The Nib's 'Why is your millennial crying?' So funny, it hurts.

5. Up Dharma Down's Armi shares this Trent Shelton quote on chances. "I'm not afraid to walk away."

6. 'What defines you?' Carmen Elliot, for Tirzah Magazine, writes about finding our spiritual identity and living to promote our personal brand.

7. Love first, ask questions later. How else can you love in the time of ISIS?

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