In retrospect: April

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In retrospect: April | Awesome in Manila

I'm just happy to be coming out of April alive. The past month felt like a really long Tuesday, and I'm kinda hoping May wouldn't turn out to be "hump" month.


1. First off, blog things: I decided to start April right for Awesome in Manila by setting realistic, reachable goalsall of which were excitedly marked with a bold check on my planner. It feels so good to still be doing this, despite hitting the wall and almost giving up many times over in the last five years. Why AIM is still up and running, is largely because of old and new readers alike, and the online / offline friends I've made along the way. This may sound cheesy and bordering-unbelievable but it's truey'all make this worth the effort. GROUP HUG!

2. Work was bearable. I made a new frenemy, in the guise of a seemingly impossible client. It wouldn't be the first and, as before, I'm (actively, consciously) looking at it as a learning opportunity. Definitely an exercise in "choosing your battles"—something I've always failed to live out, in practically every aspect of my life. I just won't go as far as saying that I'm looking forward to filling out my time sheets for this client. Time sheets are a pain.

3. Also work-related: I had some good news coming in at the last day, regarding my employment status. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I welcome the fact that things are moving along. I hope to hear even greater news in the coming months.

4. Also sort-of work-related: side projects are pouring in. I'm excited to be doing work for a non-profit group with ideals that I truly identify it. I'll share more about it as soon as things start happening. Aside from that, I accomplished some freelance work in April and secured some for May. Life is hectic and I like it!

5. Also also also OMG, DAREDEVIL. If you haven't seen it, WHY?

6. IT'S A MIRACLE! MY SAVINGS (aka minimum maintaining balance) MADE IT RELATIVELY INTACT TO THE END OF APRIL. But I again failed to start on the 3-in-1 investment plan I promised myself and boasted about to a few people.

7. I had / have feelings.

**I like that the only staples in this totally unnecessary series of monthly reports are money matters and feelings. I'd really like more of the first and less of the second.

Alas, here's another berlin-artparasites number:

In retrospect: April | Awesome in Manila

"i am
that if
i open
i will not stop
pouring. (why do i fear becoming
a river. what mountain
gave me such shame.)"
—Erosion, Jamie Oliveira

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  1. Fucking timesheets.

    I've been so bad with my finances. :( I'm going to try and be a proper adult financially this month.

    Helga |

  2. My previous agency tried to implement time sheets but

  3. If we don't do our timesheets for 2 weeks, we get locked out of our email. =/

  4. That is the case for most offices. Sa amin, we just get e-mail reminders every day that we forget to do our time sheets.


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