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Joshua Ferris' To Rise Again At A Decent Hour. The book follows Paul O'Rourkea dentist in New York City plagued with depression, existential questions and a few other complexities. I've gone through 50+ pages but so far, all I'm really getting is a long, detailed preamble describing Paul as a great dentist but a miserable human being. Some parts of it are funny, some are identifiable, but generally, To Rise Again can get so tedious to read.

I found Ferris' first novel (Then We Came To The End) really entertaining. I work in advertising, where watercooler / coffee dispenser / smoking lounge conversations abound and are often the highlight of our busiest weeks. It's in these casual, senseless, impromptu chats where Ferris' book finds it voice. It closely (if not perfectly) captures both the banalities and shameful indulgences of working in this mad industry, while staying readable for those on the outside looking in. It's not a "great" book and it will never go down in history as a "classic", but Then We Came is good enough to read during downtime at the office, and especially when you're feeling frustrated and bored about work. No other piece of literature has made me love and hate my job more.

I find it intriguing how polarized the reviews are on Ferris' work. Scrolling through Goodreads, you can find both one-star and five-star ratings on all of his titles.

Is what they pay me to do and yet...

To Keane. Iiif you have a minute, why don't we gooo? Talk about it somewhere only we knoooow?

About all things I have to do. And how much of a waste it is to be thinking instead of doing.

Cheap cappuccino from the office's coffee dispenser.

For an upgrade to the new MacBook Pro. The 15-incher I use at work died on me last week and it couldn't have chosen a better time. After an entire week of 12-hour work days, stupid thing chose to act up during the pitch. And now the IT guy is saying the damage not only involves a whacked battery, but a host of other issues as well. Ummmm, I think it's time for an upgrade!

My sidelines push through. I'm not a workaholic but I won't say no to more money! Hard work brings profit, boys and girls!

A black, printed chiffon top tucked in a pair of super comfortable gray, wide-leg trousers (filed under favorite ukay finds). Think corporate sell-out version of 'Like a Bird' Nelly Furtado.

Our weekend getaway to Pagbilao, Quezon <3 I'll blog about it soon as more important things (aka work) are out of the way. I'll even throw in a video for good measure!

Wanting / Needing

Not even close to rested. I have #noregrats about how I chose to spend my weekend but...

How do you find courage?

Life Currently is a variation of The Sunday Currently, originally published by Lauren.

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  1. Hope I don't forget to add Then We Came to the End to my reading list lol.

    I'm still using a stupid Lenovo from my social media days. All the other copywriters have MBPs so IDK why they haven't given me my deserved upgrade. :(

    Helga |

  2. Sobrang convenient lang to use Macbooks in the office. iMessage makes transferring work files and (more importantly) movies easier!

  3. I've seen a bunch of reviews for Ferris sa goodreads and I've been dying to read his work! Hindi lang ako nakakuha ng chance pa. Hehe! :)

  4. Mixed reviews, though. I really like 'Then We Came..." (may possibility din na super bored lang ako that time) but the struggle is real with "To Rise Again..."!

  5. I think for those that I'm following goodreads, it's more on the "good" side. Hehe. I'll take your advise, will start with then we came na lang so I know it'll be more worth it hehe!


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