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Photos first, kwento later!

The plan was to tour four nearby islands: Dampalitan (in the town of Padre Burgos) was first because it was the farthest, then on our way back to Silangang Nayon we would hop to Borawan, Kwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin.

It took us roughly two hours crossing the seas to Dampalitan, slowing down several times (in the middle of nowhere) as the waves were getting bigger. It was the longest I had been out the open (manic) water, on a relatively small boat. It was scary, exhilarating and so worth it.

We gasped at the beauty of the island from a distance. It really is, as many blogs claim, an ideal camping ground. The land stretches out long and wide, able to host several groups of campers without overcrowding.

Setting aside its aesthetic appeal, there aren’t much to see and do at Dampalitan. If you’re in for just lying by the shore all day, reading a book and goofing off with your friends, you would love it there. Dampalitan is essentially a bummer’s dream destination. On the other hand, if you’re the restless type—perhaps a surfer or water sports enthusiast—go somewhere else. It’s not even the best choice for swimming, as the waves do get rough and the water surface is a bit weird (read: rocky and slippery). A few hours in the island would be enough, if only to marvel at all the pretty.

When the tide is low, a rock-ribbed islet shows itself. It's slippery, so wear slippers if you want to check it out. Right past the curve, there is a cove where less people set up camp. You'll find a mangrove forest there.

Two hours at the island and we’ve already had our fill. We were so ready to see the rest of what was in our itinerary, but our boat guys advised against it. The waves showed no signs of calming down, so we headed back to Silangang Nayon instead. We still chose to pay the full price (P2000), as a thank-you to the boaters who braved the unfriendly seas just to satisfy our whim.

Public Service Announcement:

To those who are planning to visit Dampalitan (and all other beaches for that matter), please have the decency to clean up after yourselves. Anticipate that you will be consuming and producing waste, so bring a damn bag and carry it with you to the mainland where it can be disposed of properly.

Para sa magaling na nag-iwan ng kalat, SHAME. 

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I intended to make a travel video just like last year's Laiya SDE. However, due to the busyness of the last few weeks, I couldn't find both the creativity and time to get it done, Then I figured, since the song (Switchfoot's Back to the Beginning) had been decided on weeks before the actual trip (because why not), I should at least put out a 15s collage of all my favorite clips for posterity.

In the running for best weekend of 2015 <3

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Dampalitan Island
Padre Burgos,
Quezon Province

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