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Apart from art and the environment, Pinto Art Museum's food is one more reason to come visit. You might find a lot of blogs that would disagree with this recommendation but, if you ask me, I think it's a matter of knowing the best dishes to order.

Now, it is true what they say: the offerings at the museum's al fresco cafe really is pricey, but taking into consideration the convenience (sitting inside a private subdivision, finding an alternative requires more effort) and the experience of eating good food in the middle of nature's beauty - I say it's worth the few extra pesos.

If you're unsure of what to order, I promise you will not go wrong with the tomato-based penne pasta dish Santorini. It doesn't look much but each forkful brings a spicy surprise.

Though it felt short of (skyrocketing) expectations, we don't regret trying out Pinto's Bagnet Pizza. The dough is thin but soft, topped with a bed of cheese, deep fried pork and chives. It wasn't as deadly as we thought it would be.

Lunch for two was P800.

Pinto Art Museum
1 Sierra Madre St.,
Grand Heights Subdivision,
Antipolo, Rizal

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  1. It's good! Can't quite describe what's in it, basta it's a little spicy. :)

  2. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEIR RASPBERRY ICED TEA! If only it wasn't so far...

  3. Wow, now I regret not ordering any drink!

  4. I've been to Pinto once, pero I never tried the food (except for the halo-halo which is pretty expensive). As far as I remember, the restaurant inside offers food from Bizu? Or is this a different one? Hehe :)

  5. Not sure sino concessionaire nila, also haven't tried Bizu :)

  6. I still have 2 schublig sausages in my freezer from before I quit beef and pork. SAD FACE because no one is going to eat it now. :(

    Helga |

  7. I've only been to Pinto once for a blog thing and we ate at Bizu. I remember it was suuuuuuuuuuper hot and the food was just okay haha.

    Helga |

  8. Not sure if Bizu is still their concessionaire but I can vouch for the Santorini! We were lucky to have the weather on our side that day, I guess, but it was a little hot. :)

  9. Sayang! Kasya pa yan for two meals! Maybe someone from the office would want them? :D

  10. Oh gosh that pasta! YUM. I haven't had breakfast yet but I could totally got for that right now

    xx N

  11. Yum, indeed! :) Thanks for dropping by, Naomi!


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