7 Clichés That Need To Stop

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I used to pardon clichés thinking that if there weren't any truth to them, people wouldn't bother saying them over and over. Well, it took 15 school years, five jobs, who knows how many friends made and let go, filial troubles, quarter life and one failed romantic relationship to change my mind about a few of them.

Here are seven clichés (in life and love and career) that, I think, need to stop:

1. That you have to choose between passion and practicality. (And if you choose the latter, you lose.)

If you're doing work that you're passionate about, then good for you. Some of us, though, see life in black and white. Some of us think work is nothing more than a means to put food on the table and, guess what, that does not make them lesser humans.

Besides, passion and practicality are like Star Wars and Star Trek = apples and oranges. They are two different things that do not necessarily oppose each other. To get the work done, passion requires practicality, not feelings.

2. That you'll never get tired "doing what you love". 

You will get tired and no Steve Jobs quote will save you from even hating it at some point. No Pinterest board filled with inspiring quotes will keep you from wanting to quit (or actually doing it) many times. And that's okay. That's perfectly normal.

A passionate person understands that the work is never really complete, that you only move from one feat to another, from one set of frustrations and challenges to another. Passionate people keep doing. They know the secret to success is not the universe conspiring to make their dreams come alive. You work hard to keep the dream alive. You make sacrifices. Your heroes Bill Gates and Steve Job put so much more on the table than their visions. They put in their 10,000 hours.

If that doesn't sound tiring to you, then you're obviously high and I want what you're having!

3. That you should always follow your heart. 

No, girl. Save yourself the trouble. Your heart does not always want good things. It might do you well to try leading it.

4. That people change. 

Of course, we can. But sometimes, we won't.

5. That you have to seize the moment. 

Maybe not every moment. Timing isn't everything, but it makes a difference.

6. That you should live without regrets. 

Unless you've never ever made a mistake, you should feel regret.

It's healthy to feel sadness, remorse and disappointment when situations call for it. What's not healthy is dwelling on regrets, carrying it on your back all the time and exhausting other people with pity parties. Regret your mistakes, learn from them and move on.

7. That your 20s are the time to be selfish. 


This is the cruelest, most misleading piece of advice anyone can give to a 20-something obviously looking for justifications to the whole FOMO business. Selfish is an ugly word to be associated with. There is wisdom in saying NO to yourself sometimes. Half of the things I thought I’d regret missing out on in the past…eh, weren’t really worth breaking the bank or fighting maturity for.

Let's get rid of the self-entitled mentality that consumes us during our 20s. This is a time for work, saving up and looking beyond yourself. There are ways to take care of "me" (in every aspect, not just materialistically) without being selfish. And if I learned that earlier, I bet it wouldn't be this hard to practice it now.

If you’re still here, I want to thank you for sticking through that long, opinionated tirade. I don’t mean to sound so whiny and negative but, from my experience, I find that these clichés serve more ills than inspiration (mostly due to being taken out of context). It seems the more an idea is romanticized, the more it lets us get away with our mistakes, the more attractive it is to people despite its disregard for reality and consequences.

Just so we’re clear, I don’t see myself any wiser than the next kid (a wise-ass, sure). You don’t have to agree and the comment box is always open for a healthy discussion.

Now, what's the biggest cliche you wish would stop?

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