In restropect: June

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In restropect: June | Awesome in Manila

Hey Juuune, don't make it baaad. Take a sad song and make it betteeeer.


1. Goodbye, downtime. Things have been pretty crazy in the office, and it ain't showing any signs of slowing down. We have presented more storyboards in one month than in my entire stay at the previous agency. It would be great if all five would be produced but frustratingly, we only reached that number because managing this particular client's expectations is tricky. I'd like to have a week's break from Keynote, please!

It's not all so bad, though. I'm working with really talented people, who know how to have fun despite the deadlines. Also, I presented to clients twice in June - without buckling or stuttering!  To God be the glory!

2. Hannibal is back! JSYK.

3. After being pushed back several times because of Manila's roadworks, Heart School's thanksgiving party finally happened! It's really touching to be remembered by the kids, even if I haven't been actively participating for a while now <3

Btw, we've got some fun activities in the pipeline. If you're up for inspiring underprivileged children one creative workshop at a time, join our community!

4. Financial situation.

5. Emotional situation.

That's it. Apart from an avalanche of job orders, June was uneventful.

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  1. Ahh, I no longer work for an agency, but I can totally relate to @Helga @ and your situation. Creating unlimited number of decks and executing one or two projects from that 20 ~options~ is really frustrating. I mean, sayang effort please. Hehe!

    Jhanz |

  2. GIRL. Masyado niyo naman dinamdam yung 40 boxes! We only present one deck, with two routes at most!

  3. I also had a pretty uneventful June for the most part, blahhh here's to hoping July is a little better!

    xx Chelsea

  4. I don't mind uneventful seasons if it means more rest! We were incredibly busy in the office for the most part of June. x.x


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