Life Currently Vol. 7

7:33:00 PM

Tomorrow, I will be leaving with the family for a week-long vacation in Mindanao. I am excited to not be doing any work - in particular, writing scripts or making decks. Instead, I will be trying out new things (river rafting, zip line, RIDING A PLANE YES) and sleeping until the bed swallows me alive.

Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits by Joyce Meyer. My mom sent a handful of Christian self-help books and while I'm no fan of Joel Osteen's, I have read a few Joyce Meyers in the past. I love how she sources the wisdom she shares from the Bible. The way she writes is not completely instructional but there is a thing or two to take from it.

Promo ideas for a presentation I'm missing this Friday.

To True Detective, playing on one side of my screen. I have a few JOs to tackle and I need a little entertainment to get by.

Of banana pancakes. Maybe we can sleep in? Pretend like it's the weekend now?

Nothing. Our chiller is filled with Lindor truffles and I've been binging on the peanut butter flavored ones. My tonsils and sinuses are revolting.

Wishing / Hoping
For fair weather in the south for the next few days!

White shirt, blue jeans, skull-printed scarf and green boots.

Urban Decay's Naked palette and MAC's Ruby Woo. I feel like a real adult now, you guys.

A soft pillow and a warm comforter.

To get away from the city!

Unhinged. But also a little excited to get outta here!

Google search for "what I wish I knew when I had my first child". For work.

Life Currently is a variation of The Sunday Currently, originally published by Lauren.

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  1. Me too, I need to get away from the city :(

    Dice, '96 Wild Heart

  2. I'm back, Chelsea! It was incredible! Will blog about it soon. :)


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