In retrospect: July

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Oh, July. I would write you a letter, but it requires an awful lot of effort that I am not willing to exert. I can leave you a note, though. That much I can do.


1. By virtue of #EDiWowMindanao, I am (as early as now) looking forward to planning a highlights post (possibly even a reel) for 2015. It is, by far, the best trip I've ever taken in all 24 years of my existence. Partly because I got to bond with my siblings and cousins from my mother's side of the family and I got to visit new places and try things I would've probably wussed out on if I were younger. It also doesn't hurt that I didn't have to pay for a seven-day vacation. (OK well, relatively. I do have pending deductions on my pay check since I don't have vacation leaves yet huhu.)

I am definitely coming back for more, Mindanao!

2. I got a haircut. Why is it so hot in the Philippines?!

3. I have fallen waaay behind my work out schedule. I started to feel a little bloated by the end of the month so I had to make up for the lack of daily yoga (not enough space at home as we accommodated my aunt's family during their stay in the country) with running once a week. Actually, it does more than making up in calorie-burning but then again, there are different benefits to the everyday stretch. Gotta stop slacking.

4. Crazy busy is starting to become the new normal in the office. We've had some breathing room since I came back from Mindanao but the #buhayahensiya momentum is starting to pick up.

5. Financial sitch: Well, I'm not tripping on the poverty line.

6. Forget about feelings! I'm really more concerned about the state of my health now.

And because July was AWESOME,

In retrospect: July | Awesome in Manila

everybody gets a taco!

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  1. THis blog is really fun! hahahahahha.

    Well, this is like the first time that i heard mindanao from travelers, as we stereotype them with war and bandits right? so plllleeease give us more about mindanao.

    I love that oprah face! We must be also fit, as i feel yung mga taba ko sa tiyan, it's like im pregnant. :) beer belly but the thing is, i dont drink beer!

    1. I'd love to come again to Mindanao but for now, you can check out my highlights post on this year's trip:

      Oh, and welcome to Awesome in Manila!


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