Life Currently Vol. 8

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Life Currently Vol. 8 | Awesome in Manila

A quick update on life before this work week goes full-on beast mode.

I have not touched a book in a long time so...

Fresh Off The Boat - got through all of the first season in one sitting. Lovin' it! For future episodes, I am hoping to see a diverse representation of immigrants in the US. And I don't just mean Filipinos. Although it is first and foremost based off the memoir of Chef Eddie Huang, I think the show can be a great platform for addressing ethnic pride, racism and stereotyping in general (not just with the Orientals).

Copy for the Wednesday presentation.

To my sister singing a medley from The Last Five Years.

Of how crazy this week is going to be. I have a client presentation, meetings with the prod house, a shoot, freelance work and promises to friends that I don't want to break.

Nothing distinct.

I'll have enough discipline for tomorrow's early run.

For a shift in momentum, perspective and environment.

^ Please refer to top photo. I gave in to the Shukka Roll comfort of Uniqlo's jeggings. I know, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS, but I tell ya, these babies are thick enough to pass for jeans. I'm never wearing boots with real pants ever again!

Windows 10, so far. Such pretty, much wow! Aside from the disappearing cursor (had to uninstall a driver), experience with the new OS has been smooth-sailing. I'm even using Edge (refurbished Internet Explorer) as of writing time. It was well worth the anticipation.

Chamomile tea for a quicker knockout every night.

Lots of alone time! I have used up my social bandwidth.

A little stuck.

Not pro-Arroyo but...

Life Currently is a variation of The Sunday Currently, originally published by Lauren.

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