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Bugis Singapore Street Food | Awesome in Manila

I've heard a lot about the burgeoning food district that is Banawe in Quezon City. A friend who lives nearby says the best Chinese resturants in Manila are in Banawe—a claim I questioned with one eyebrow raised, being a self-proclaimed ambassador of the Binondo Chinatown.

Now, I've only made efforts to find proof of this twice. Once a couple of years ago to satisfy my curiosity about the old family favorite, Ma Mon Luk, and a few weeks ago to take advantage of the weekend 50% off promo on dimsum at King Chef. Let's just say both experiences didn't give me enough reasons to frequent the area.

Enter Bugis Singapore Street Food.

Bugis Singapore Street Food | Awesome in Manila

I wanted to waste away at home over the long weekend but answering the call of a few restless friends, I found myself going out every single day instead. Banawe happened out of the request of my church buddy, Ian, whose ever-changing work schedule hinders him from hanging out with the gang. He was itching to try out Banawe's offerings and was pretty much game for anything, so after scouring the Internet for reviews we ended up at Bugis. Which was just perfect, lah as I'd been craving satay!

Bugis Singapore Street Food | Awesome in Manila

Bugis has a wide array of "num nums" (in human language, that means things on a stick!), but I decided to stay true to my cravings and settled with Chicken Satay (P35/stick). I wish I tried something else though—I've had better satay. Bugis' version was a little dry, nothing special. Maybe it would have worked if it was served with peanut sauce.

I read somewhere that their fish tofu is good.

Bugis Singapore Street Food | Awesome in Manila

I liked their Laksa Rice (P100+/good for two). It's a bit on the sweet side and surprisingly not anywhere spicy, which makes it great to have alongside salty dishes. I promised to lay low on the rice but Bugis made me eat my words with every scoop!

Bugis Singapore Street Food | Awesome in Manila

I paired with it Soy Garlic Chicken (P140/good for two), served soaked in soy sauce and a bed of cucumber slices. The cucumber lend sweetness to the dish, which I found a little off since I was really expecting a heavy dump of umami-saltiness (yes, I have a death wish tied to MSG). Thankfully, there was enough garlic to balance the flavor.

Bugis Singapore Street Food | Awesome in Manila

Ian ordered Beef Rolls (P80/two sticks), which also drowned in sweet soy sauce. We love that the beef strips are soft and tender and "walang sabit", but we weren't very keen on what it was wrapped around. The first piece tasted like spam (?) and the rest were like string beans (or asparagus?)—not sure!

Bugis Singapore Street Food | Awesome in Manila

Because both entrees had very strong flavors, we struggled to get through with it when we ran out of laksa rice. So, we had an additional order for the satay-flavored one (P80/good for two) which, upon serving, arrested my senses with a scent of ginger and the bright yellow color akin to satay dishes. Like the chicken, there was nothing exciting about it, which works in the favor of rice since its purpose is mostly to complement other food. I could make out the coconut flavor, but it wasn't enough to be a distraction when eaten with something else.

I do wish we had dessert at Bugis. Their fruit shakes, crepes and ice cream toppers were really tempting to look at! Too bad we were already set on trying out Love Desserts, which happened to be packed that day so ang ending, I had BonChon's fried crepe na lang.

Even if my first dining experience at Bugis Singapore Street Food wasn't as "magical" (read: vetsin-rich) as I had hoped it would be, I wouldn't say no to returning. There's still a lot from the menu that I want to check out, like Singapore Laksa, Hainanese Chicken, Steam Boat and Satay Bee Hon. There will be a second visit!

My only gripe about eating in Banawe is the distance between restaurants. Unlike in Binondo where you can see many options at every turn, Banawe's food map is spread apart and moving around involves a lot of walking, if not driving. Bugis wasn't easy to follow on the map. If commuting, you can ride a jeepney from Quezon Ave (southbound) going through Banawe Street. Go down at N Roxas and find Bugis' modest sign right next to a big car repair business.

Bugis Singapore Street Food
81 N. Roxas Street,
Near Banawe, Santo Domingo,
Quezon City

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