In retrospect: August

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American Authors’ Hit It is my soundtrack for August. I like the energy of the song. It’s exactly how I feel after chugging a can of Red Bull: You won’t see me running around like a lunatic but in the recesses of my mind and palpitating heart, I feel as high as Michael Keaton in Birdman.


1. We're almost done with this one project for this one client that has been consuming most of our time and attention. It fell on our laps out of nowhere (or so it seems) in the middle of June and everything was rushed (from conceptualization to client presentations) until the process got stalled for a bit last month. We finally had our shoot a few weeks ago in the lovely campus of Concordia—that went on for 24 hours straight on a Sunday—and are currently in the middle of online revisions. I can't wait to have it out and focus on other things.

BTW advertising friends, if you still haven't read this not-so-short essay on perspective by ex-BBDO/Saatchi art director Linds Redding, I urge you to set aside a few minutes.

2. Summer in August! In the middle of all the busyness of August's first half, I jumped on an invitation to Baler, Aurora where I had the chance to meet new people and try new things. Surfing has always been an attractive idea but I've never imagined myself actually doing something about it. It's one of those things that requires me to step out of my comfort zone and once I did, I realized that I shouldn't have been so scared to try kasi kaya naman pala. :) :) :)

3. The past month felt so busy but when I look at my calendar, it seems so bare. Then again, I had a lot of freelance work that came in. I'm grateful to be earning extra but I think I'm gonna have to be really selective with side projects from now on. More money is great, but more sleep is better!

4. A moment of introspection: I realized that I'm becoming unreasonably, needlessly opinionated again. It's a habit that I've worked hard to get rid of in the past. There are some issues and petty things that should and do not concern me.

5. Finances: Well, I don't know where all my raket money has gone to!

6. Feelings: Well, it's not like they've ever been stable.

7. Ohhh look, we're back to!

This month on Awesome in Manila:
semi-review of The Circle Hostel at Baler!


In retrospect: August | Awesome in Manila

Your turn! How did August treat you?

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