4 habits this highly ineffective adult need to quit

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4 habits this highly ineffective adult need to quit | Awesome in Manila
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Oh, you don't even know.

1. Being habitually late for work. A third of the people at the office are, tooa perk (sometimes, the peril) of working in a creative environment. We do have office hours, but flexi is the unspoken rule. While work is largely unaffected by this habit (we do make it to our deadlines), I feel more efficient when following a fixed schedule.

4 habits this highly ineffective adult need to quit | Awesome in Manila

What's odd is that I'm rarely ever late for anything else. (OK. Recently, church too.) I'm usually early or on time for meetings and friend-dates. It's different when there's a person that could get offended (a horrible excuse after bringing up the church thingsorry, Lord) and when you've just fallen into a routine that hardly affects anyone else. Still, I would like to have the discipline to always show up at the time I'm expected to show up.

How to deal: I'm an early riser, so setting an alarm isn't the solution. It's just a struggle to get out of bed every morning, you know? And I like to get some non work-related reading done to start the day. Which I can also do in the office, since nothing ever happens at 9AM. I may have to come up with a manageable, daily schedule or at least, an effective morning routine.

2. Throwing money around. If there's one thing I've gotten right, it's refusing to get a credit card. But my savings are hardly stable and I always want new things, most of which I can live without.

4 habits this highly ineffective adult need to quit | Awesome in Manila

I consider it a disservice when friends tolerate bad saving habits. "It's OK. You may not be rich in savings, but you're rich in experiences." As if saying no to your whims every once in a while (not all the time) will hurt your life story. Moderation is key. Thing is, we 20-somethings tend to think that this is the time to enjoy ourselves as if it's the only time we can enjoy ourselves. I've heard stories about people who are killing it in their sixties. Twenties are the time to work and save and do it without sacrificing too much, because we have the time and strength for it.

Sure, I won't be able to take money with me when I die, but I also would like to make sure that when I go, I could still leave something for my family or, at the very least, not bother them with funeral costs.

How to deal: Say no to myself *sometimes* and make more money.

3. Gossip ranting. It's the easiest way to blow off steam. It's great to get the BVs out but in the context of ranting and gossiping (or gossip ranting, totally a thing), it only boomerangs. "What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally."

4 habits this highly ineffective adult need to quit | Awesome in Manila

Time is wasted and nothing is ever resolved. In fact, we only end up disgusted with ourselves for not taking the high road. There was a guy from my old office who annoyed the hell out of an older friend and I. We'd make snide remarks about how conyo and "feeling pogi" he was. It occurred to us after a while that the more we paid attention to it, the more we felt bad about ourselves. He may have qualities we didn't agree with, but he didn't do anything to annoy us on purpose.

How to deal: It has to be a collective decision. As soon as said friend and I agreed to call each other out when one is tempted to gossip, we started to see there was more to the person than what we chose to see.

4. Being a total buzzkill. I'm generally respectful of differences, sometimes for lack of interest and energy to engage in lengthy discussions, but I do have a bit of aggression against certain concepts like: extreme feminism (more specifically, when it turns anti-men), obsession for labels (more specifically, when people throw around their Myers-Briggs type as if it actually says anything), pro-poor politics (more specifically, when people support political "sympathies" that only encourage laziness) and misplaced nationalism (let's not even go there).

I will speak up when I have to, but I don't always have to.

How to deal: Live and let live. What Meryl Streep said.


Honestly? This is a conservative list. Four's not even half the number of bad habits that have to go. Some are just too personal and the others are more weird than bad. Plus, I have the entire fifth season of Modern Family waiting.

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