In retrospect: September

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Awesome in Manila | In retrospect: September
I struggle with introductions. Let's just get on with it.


1. People are starting to burn out in agency-land and this cookie *points to self* almost crumbled. We had to work on another pitch, which had us hitting the wall so many times trying to come up with really good concepts and executing our ideas until weird, late hours (to next day) in the office. Thankfully, the client loved it (she said so during the presentation) and issued workable revisions.

Also, I was able to talk to my supervisors about the direction I want to take and they've been pretty supportive. I said, I want to veer away from (fun, exciting) creative work and focus on social media (boring stuff like reports and insights yay). Still waiting for the next steps. Oh, and I moved to a new desk by the windows. This makes me happy <3

Awesome in Manila | In retrospect: September

2. I threw away a lot of stuffto be exact: three huge bags of clothes, one big bag of books, untouched "important" papers and four cute boxes of mementos. It feels great to be left with things that only bring me joy. And most importantly, I haven't relapsed to replace the things that I got rid of. Marie Kondo knows what she's talking about.

3. Always good to catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while. Robbie and Smarla are two of my very first friends in the blogging community. Along with a few other bloggers, we called ourselves Team Kaladkarin. We're yet to meet again with the rest of the group, but I hope it happens soon!

4. NO is September's magic word and I will continue to use it until the need expires. I turned down freelance opportunities, blogging events, H&M sales. It's liberating.

5. I've put on weight and it's frustrating. Due to aforementioned busyness, I haven't had enough time to work out and what little free space I had on my schedule, I preferred to spend sleeping or watch Modern Family. It's very sad.

6. I need an adultier adult to help me manage my finances. Quite sad, too. I put a dent on my savings when I booked a out-of-town (solo) trip for my birthday next year. #NoRagrets though.

7. As for my feelings:

Awesome in Manila | In retrospect: September



Enough about me! How did September treat you? 

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