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Kelly Williams Browns' Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps. I doubt that I'll come out of this book an adultier adult but after the first 10 pages, I can already tell what it's good for: managing expectations.

When you enter the beautiful yet confusing stage that is quarter life, you come to grips with a lot of self-inflicted, unmet expectations. And the first step to liberating yourself from unhealthy scrutiny is to:

"Accept that you are not that special."

Five years into the workforce, your reality isn't what you imagined. Instead, your twenties turned out to be a really long decade of not knowing what to do or how to make a mark, of dealing with trivial things like toilet paper. This book is like a friend, obviously written by a millennial well-adjusted to Internet speak, the one who confesses that she hasn't figured it out either and you know what, that's okay.

Modern Family! It's become a bonding activity for me and my siblings. In rotation with Fresh Off The Boat, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Empire.

Down ideas for this blog. But since I'm not really in the mood for much lately, it might take a while before you see fresh content. 

The War On Peace's Hours On End.

About a silly little crush that I have on this guy from church. I started noticing him back in college, when I was still part of the choir, but forgot about him for a while (I had a boyfriend after graduation). He cleans up well.

Victoria's Secret Midnight Exotics in Sensual Jasmin. I find most Victoria's Secret scents overpowering, but the Midnight Exotics line has just the right impact.

For a pretty chill week.

For something good! We had Bro John Avanzini and his family over at church for the weekend. So much hope flowed out from the services, so much to look forward to.


The wisdom shared at COP's 2nd Annual Management Conference. It was a great way to learn how to adult. Here are my favorite points:

  • "Usually, you get the work before you get the title and the money." -Pastor David Sumrall
  • "Don't marry a lost man." -Sis Pat Avanzini
  • "Always be debt-free." -Sis Pat Avanzini

An iPhone 6 Plus! I took out the S because after much deliberation, I realized that I'm not willing to pay so much for meager updates on the new flagship. I'm good with the non-S model. I can't wait to have a bigger screen though! I do a lot of work on my phone and while my 5C has served me well, a bigger screen would make a difference.

More quiet time, more sleep, more discipline.

A little out of it. I really wish I could give you more useful contentI am working on itbut for now, I need a bit more time to regroup and refocus. I promise to come back with more interesting updates!

Children of the Yuan Percent: Everybody Hates China's Rich Kids

Life Currently is a variation of The Sunday Currently, originally published by Lauren.

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