24 for 24: All the ways 2015
fought off the crap bug

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Every year, I do lists of insights life forces me to learn by way of church lessons, personal devotions, friendly interventions, pop culture hugots, random signs, embarrassment and heartbreak. (Mostly embarrassment and heartbreak.) I like the feeling. It's like I'm doing justice to Nietzsche's "that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger" by having the resilience to get back up when life kicks me in the shins.

But I'm not doing that this year.

As great as I am at plucking out and articulating insights, I'm terrible at actualizing any of it. Not that I never try, you know. I just happen to be the type who has to get hurt a thousand times before I do things differently. My Pastor likes to say, "It's not normal for people to chase pain" and, well, I've never been normal.

This year, I decided to go with something that's a lot easier to own up to. My life as an unsuccessful adult thus far hasn't always been pain and lessons to learn in the aftermath of pain. When I do think about it, I realize that I'm more #blessed than struggling. So, why not celebrate the good stuff for a change? Why not zoom in on the milestones and the little pick-me-uppers that make life in this world more than bearable?

24 for 24

2015 / age 24 has been a year of many firsts. I’ve been my most adventurous this year, trying out activities that only used to scare me.

1. Like the time I found myself 30 feet above ground on a fake rock in Batangas.

2. And on a real one, harness-free, in Rizal. 

3. That was after we explored the seven-level Mystical Cave in Antipolo. First non-underwater cave for this semi-adventurer!

4. I've also never gotten on a plane before our Mindanao trip.

5. Or tried river rafting.

6. Or dangled 120 feet above murky waters.

7. Or zip-lined through a mountainous view in Bukidnon. (What is it with me and being suspended in mid-air?!)

By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, here's the link to our #EDiWowMindanao reel.

8. Then there was Baler and the very first waterfall I ever swam in.

9. Baler was where I rode my very first waves, too.

10. Travel adventures aside, I also started leading creatives for business pitches and special client presentations this year. I used to hate speaking in front of a lot of people but now, I've grown a bit comfortable presenting ideas.

11. Oh, and first Incubus concert!

2015 / age 24 has been a year of reunions, too.

12. In July, my aunt's family flew in from Canada for a month-long vacation. They're the ones to thank for our Mindanao trip. We haven't seen them since eight or nine years ago, so we really tried to make the most of our short time together.

A photo posted by Danielle (@awsmchos) on

13. Also flying in from different parts of the world were Marvin, Ram and Larry. They were three of my closest friends during my time at Sencor. Always a laugh fest with these guys!

14. As for my college friends, I see most of 'em at least once or twice a year but I haven't touched base with Hannah, Ella and Dru for a couple of years before meeting up with them separately.

15. Oh, and my TK friends, Smarla and Robbie!

2015 / age 24 has been a year of welcoming new friendships...

16. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably had enough of their faces:

But it's very likely that you'll have to endure our weird group photos longer, since these guys are my office crew <3

17. And what do you think about this meet-cute?

...as it has been a year of mini, random kiligs.

18. Relishing the fact that I had been to three different beaches this year <3

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19. Plus all the art that we got to see <3

20. Work-related compliments like "ganda ng deck" and "I love it" from both clients and supervisors - these make my heart skip a beat <3

21. Almost but not exactly the same way I feel every time I see my longtime crush at church <3 (Is there even adult term for "crush"???)

22. In particular, that brief moment I we had by the staircase as he prepared to sing in the choir with his family. Dadating din ang tamang panahon para sa atin, bae <3

23. Most importantly, the realization that life is actually GREAT right now <3


24. ...that there's still even so much more to look forward to <3

Sharing time!

This is not bola, you guys, but I'm also thankful for all Awesome in Manila readers - old and new! Sending much, much love to the ones who also leave a comment every now and then. You make this sideshow a lot more fun to do!

But enough about me, what are your favorite 2015 memories so far?

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