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 Life is not done breaking my heart.


1. October was bittersweet. It was partly sad because we had to throw despedidas for two of our best lunch buddies in the office. Ken is moving to another agency. He's one of the best strat planners I've worked with and one of the funniest people in the office, so I hope his next team will love him as much as we do. Edu, who's a real rockstar btw, is moving to San Francisco for good. He's one of those people who seems silly at face value, but once you get to pick his brain, the depth comes out.

Case in point, here's an excerpt from his farewell speech:

"Rather than complain about things you can control, you can always take control of the things that you can do good from. Say 'thank you' if you can. Always remember that as powerless as you are, you can at the very least help one person."

Though it was heartbreaking to see the two go, I'm also very thankful that we were given the chance to be friends. I will only have good things to say about them both. HUHU SEE YOU AROUND, KEN AND EDU!

2. I won Rej's prayer journal giveaway, yay! Thank you, Rej and Certified Positive, for having a heart to bless other people. As soon I started using it, I feel more organized and effective when I pray. It is important to have a clear mind when having this moment with God, so as to avoid distractions. So again, thank you! <3

3. I attended COP's 2nd Annual Management Conference and was blessed with wisdom that really changed my perspective about work. "Usually, you get the work before you get the title and the money." There couldn't have been a better time to hear it. In the last few months, I felt so frustrated and hungry for the final word about this one big opportunity in the office. I wanted both the title and the money ASAP, especially since I've been doing things outside the scope of my current role, and hearing that, I felt like a fast-moving arrow hit the rotting apple that was my heart.

Now I am certain that God has seen and will bless the work of my hands. In the meantime, I have a chance to prove myself and I'm determined to do just that.

4. Work is stressful. Let's not talk about it.

5. I haven't been productive in fleshing out useful content for Awesome in Manila. It's been one personal post after another. Sorry if you were subjected to some ranting and thank you for sticking around. I know I'll be over the blogging funk real soon and I hope all y'all still want to be friends by then!

6. The financial sitch: Welp. I finally got my iPhone 6 Plus. I'm very happy with it but I'm also very disappointed about my savings.

7. Emotionally...well, I'm used to always having conflicting feelings.


Your turn! 

Has life been nice to you? What was your October like?

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