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Life Currently Vol. 11 | Awesome in Manila

Joyce Meyer's Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits. Good stuff to reflect on. I'm taking this with me when we fly out this weekend.

Also went through Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me? last week, and I just have to say that I love her attitude toward work and general honesty about life. She writes in a conversational tone, which is entertaining and makes it easier to relate. I have her other books in line.

House. Rooting for Cameron and Chase!

Nada and I feel good about it! I'm on vacation!

To CNN in the background.


A reminder to myself* more than anyone else. I like how the TLB translation puts Proverbs 18:2 in perspective: "A rebel [a 'fool' in other versions] doesn't care about the facts. All he wants to do is yell." |😶 This is ME when I'm worked up over something and on my hand is a means to give the world a piece of my mind. It's great to have a voice and an audience (especially for someone who makes a living with words), but I admit that most of the time I'm not someone "worth listening to" (Pr 16:23, TLB). we often jump into things that we may or may not understand completely (GUILTYYY), just because we saw one side of a multi-faceted story. But let's constantly remind ourselves that with our words, we have the power to bring life or death (figuratively, literally) and I've proven that - sadly more often the second than the first. 📸:
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The yummy scent of the body lotion I just put on.

For a smooth drive to Terminal 4 this Saturday.

For great weather over the Visayas region in the next four days!

A Stormtrooper-print tank top and the most comfortable shorts ever.

The iPhone 6 Plus <3 and the image of weekend bae in his choir uniform last Sunday.

Nothing at the moment. Huh.

Time to go reeeeeally slow.

Excited! Flying out to Dumaguete with a friend over the weekend. We plan to waste away half of our trip in the hotel because that's just how we roll.

Nothing worth sharing.

Life Currently is a variation of The Sunday Currently, originally published by Lauren.

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