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My Belkin Wishlist | Awesome in Manila

I’m on my phone a lot. (Like, A LOT.) I wake up with it, do my devotions with it (the NeuBible app is the prettiest, yo), run with it, do half of my work in it, decide what to eat with it, stalk old flames and avoid being caught staring at/by *weekend bae* with it. And since I upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus a few weeks ago, the struggle to part with it even for just a few seconds has become even realer.

Is not being able to put my phone down a real problem? I don’t know. But it’s not something a million dollars can’t make go away! (Just kidding. Please don’t take my phone away from me. That’s cruel and, not to mention, asking for trouble - like taking away a tiara from a spoiled toddler.)

My Belkin Wishlist | Awesome in Manila

I love my phone like a guy loves his car, okay? And like any self-respecting iPhone owner, I like to pimp mine with accessories that make me look more gadget-savvy than I actually am. (In the last two weeks, I've switched cases three times.)

Which is exactly why I'm joining Belkin PH by Macpower's #BelkinWishlist giveaway! (Hi, readers. I'll be straightforward with my intentions: I like free things.) I'm not very familiar with third-party brands that service smartphone users, but Belkin I know of because it usually comes up on top of Google when I search for iPhone accessories in the Philippines. It's also a go-to for a number of Apple-loyal friends, earning the brand a good impression from my end.

So the moment I saw Nuffnang's giveaway announcement, I knew the opportunity to snag some iPhone goodies (with the help of Lazada) was something I can't let pass.

Without further ado, here are the top five on my Belkin wishlist:

My Belkin Wishlist | Awesome in Manila

(1) A Sport-Fit Plus Armband for iPhone 6 Plus

I've been thinking about getting an armband. I'm trying to get back into running but switching to a new phone has affected my dynamics. Because it's bigger, it's a hassle to carry. And the thing is, I can't run without it. (To be specific, I can't run without music and being able to check my progress.)

(2) 1.2 Meter Lightning Sync/Charge Braided Cable in Gold

Because lightning cables can be pretty and I really need a backup in case the one I'm using breaks. (It happens to the sloppiest best of us, okay?)

(3) MIXIT Up 2.4A USB Home Charger in Gold

And I need a matching charger head to go with no.2. Gold phone, gold cable, gold charger head.

(4) Family RockStar 4-Port USB Charger 

The family that charges together, spikes their electric usage together <3 And with this four-in-one USB charger, there will be no stopping the fambam in catching up on House and Modern Family while waiting for our separate distractions to charge together <3

(5) Stylus for Tablets

This one's for my sister, Gab. She doesn't have a tablet at the moment, but I think she's expecting to get one from mom soon. She's a talented artist (check her out on Instagram: @gabengs), so I know she'll put it to good use.

This wishlist can be viewed from Lazada, too:

My Belkin Wishlist | Awesome in Manila

There you have it! Browse through more Belkin products on Lazada and if you wish to take a swipe at this wishlist thing, follow the mechanics on Nuffnang.

Hey ho!

It's the most wonderful time to be on Nuffnang and Lazada, blogger friends! Are you joining? You can still submit entries until November 30. Which Belkin product are you most hoping to get? Have you had any experience with the brand? Is it worth spending on?

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