2015: Favorite Apps

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Sometime last year, I shared a list of my "Everyday Apps" a.k.a. stuff that keep my life from being a hot mess. I've changed a few of them as I've changed phones and so I thought it would be fun to show you the new ones that I've been fiddling with.

Currently, I have a total of 98 non-stock iPhone apps (hi, my name is Dani and I have a phone addiction problem lol) but since it would take us forever to go through all of them, I figured it would be best to run it down to a list of favorites.

Me to my phone.

And I found a clever way to present it to you with ThingLink. I saw it on another blog and I told myself that I had to find or make up a use for it here. (Hence this post. JK. Or not JK?) ThingLink is basically a web tool that allows users to make photos interactive. It's quite easy to use (upload, customize, embed) and the end product is pretty neat. ↓ (But don't just get nerdy with it, okay? Read my notes, too!)

Cool, yeah?

Aaand there we have it, folks. Don't forget to add me on Snapchat - @awsmchos! I can be random but the beauty of Snapping is that you always have a choice on which stories to watch. I'm also on Twitter and Instagram!

Your turn!

You can tell a lot about a person by the apps she uses the most. What this says about me, I'll leave to your interpretation. But I would love a chance to pick your brain!

So tell us: What are your top favorite apps? And do you consider yourself a smartphone addict?

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