Year in Review: 2015

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"One always has to know when a stage comes to an end. 
If we insist on staying longer than the necessary time, 
we lose the happiness and the meaning of the other stages we have to go through.

Closing cycles, shutting doors, ending chapters - 
whatever name we give it, what matters is to 
leave in the past the moments of life that have finished."
Paulo Coelho

On the cusp of 2015, I wrote a fairly introspective opener, where I declared this one as "the year I needed to grow up a little". The last couple of years had been some of the happiest but most frustrating and unstablest of my life, as I tried to fight for something that I failed to see was ultimately destructive to my future.

TBH, I thought 2015 was going to be one of those years. I had just gotten out of a sticky situation (and, uhm, actually tried to get myself back in—stubborn as a mule) and I welcomed the year without a battle plan nor the slightest hope or expectation of what was ahead.

So, when I try to think about all that happened in the last 365 days, it actually comes as a big surprise that 2015 turned out to be one heck of a year.


To be specific (and brief): I found a job that I'm not itching to leave soon, I got to travel a lot, I started saving up (after four years of YOLO-ing, hello), I made efforts to actually care for my body, I've never felt more secure about my relationships and, the biggest hm, I've finally (borrowing Jona's words) made peace with my past.

"Things pass, and the best we can do is to let them really go away." 
(Like, really go away and stay away. Please.)

I guess I did grow up "a little"...relatively speaking.

But it doesn't feel right to take the credit for it. God deserves all the glory. He held true (still does) on His promise of deliverance (even if I haven't been faithful) and I'm counting on His grace and the wisdom of His Word to fully get me back on track. So far, He hasn't failed me and I have every reason to believe that He doesn't plan to.

And the thought of that makes me reaaaally happy.

(Shall we celebrate with a Harry Styles GIF? I think we shall.)

In a matter of hours, all of 2015 will be a thing of the past. And for the first time in a very long time, I am not in the mood to reminisce. In fact, I can't wait to shut the door on this one, despite how good it had been. I can't be bothered with nostalgia when there are opportunities waiting to be seized and experiences waiting to be had.

And I have a feeling 2016 will be my biggest and boldest year yet. ☆‿☆

(Which calls for a Kendall Jenner GIF. Just because.)

I don't plan to approach the coming year with the same spontaneity I indulged in this year. It's been fun but adulthood calls for a sense of responsibility and direction. I am back to being the girl with (some skeleton of) a plan and while I'm open to let life get in the way sometimes (still not a Type A, BTW), it feels great to be standing on solid ground for a change.

That said, I still have a ton of planning to do. I'm not in a rush deadlines-wise but my brain is swimming in ideas that I might lose if I don't get back to it ASAP. I'm rarely this focused and chilled at the same timeI'd be a fool not to not make the most of it.

So uuuuuh, this is me. I gotta go and do big girl activities that may or may not involve Excel and Keynote and the likes.

I wish all y'all safe and fun New Year's celebrations! (Sadly, ours will not include garlic butter prawnsI'm cravingbecause my sister dropped by the supermarket a little too late today and everyone else beat her to the fresh seafood section.)


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