In retrospect: November

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Can you believe that it's December already??? It feels like I just floated through the whole of November, then I wake up one morning and the year's almost over and I'm suddenly feeling anxious about all the stuff I wasn't able to get into. Ech. Will time slow down a little bit? Not quite ready for quarter life just yet.


1. Our Dumaguete getaway was the highlight of my November. I had been wanting to be in an unfamiliar place, away from the horrendous traffic and pressures of being an adult. We were lucky to have snagged flights scheduled right after APEC, which meant extended holiday (which meant more time to indulge escapism). All in all, I had one week away from work - half spent staycationing and Christmas shopping, half touring lazily around Dumaguete and stuffing our face with good food. Good times.

2. I spent the next day back home in Benilde, where the photo on top was taken. I was invited by a friend who teaches there to join a thesis screening panel for Multimedia Arts students. Since it was my first time, I was nerve-wracked on the way thinking about the possibility of not being able to contribute something substantial.

But it was actually so much fun! Mostly because it's a lot like how brainstorming happens in the office, except the criticisms only go one way (lol). It also helped that their outputs (websites, apps, games, films) were the kind of things we work on sometimes. It was as much of an enriching experience for me as it probably (hopefully?) was to the kids. I want to do it again and again!

3. I just can't anymore with the circus that is the Philippine elections. It's all that everyone is talking about these days and NOT in the most intellectually fulfilling ways. While I admit to not being able to stop myself from adding to the noise, I've just recently made a promise to keep my virtual lips zipped. I also started hiding people and campaign pages from my feed so I won't be tempted. It's all so exhausting.

4. Work has finally found its chill (sort of). We're done with the pitches and other rush projects. Downtime is part of our day-to-day schedules again which, believe it or not, sometimes does wonders for our productivity. Like when we have time to do stuff like this:

In restrospect: November | Awesome in Manila

5. And as for the usuals... Savings are steady. So steady it hasn't moved at all in the last two months. Which can be bad but also good considering how I've made it a habit to blow money as soon as it lands on my lap. Progress. Baby steps.

6. On the feelings front...

In restrospect: November | Awesome in Manila

November put me in such a good mood. I hope this carries on up until forever.


Your turn!

That's pretty much how the last 30 days have been for me. What about you? How's life been treating you?

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