Jesus Thought I Was Worth Saving

11:35:00 AM

The Christmas story in six words.

(I'm sure all our households are abuzz preparing for Noche Buena and last minute pre-Christmas happenings, so I'll keep it short.)

Already I want to greet all y'all a very, merry Christmas! I pray for your hearts to be filled with the presence and cause of Christ on the day that we celebrate His birth. No believer ever understood that he or she needed salvation until they come to taste of it.

Dear friend, if you've had a rather rough year, I hope for you to feel an enveloping of love unconditional. You are worth it. No matter what others say, no matter what you think of yourself. Jesus thought you were worth it and that is enough. He still thinks you are worth it. He signed, sealed, delivered on it two thousand years ago.

Maybe you're a cynic and you find all this Jesus-talk silly. Friend, I am certain that one day you will understand it, too. And that one day cannot come any sooner.

To all of us who have had a jolly, good year, we have way more than our relationships, experiences, opportunities and things to be thankful for. Life itself is a gift and as we receive more, let us not forget to give more.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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