Life Currently Vol. 12

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Life Currently Vol. 12 | Awesome in Manila

Last Life Currently for 2015! Woohoo! I haven't yet decided on whether I'll be keeping this series (and In Retrospect) as a monthly roundup next year, so this may possibly be THE last Life Currently update I'll ever put out (if anybody cares lol).

After 11 volumes, I realized that as hard as it is to stick with any blog series, it's a good exercise in discipline. But since we're welcoming a new year, I'm thinking we could shake things up a little bit and do something different in 2016. What 'different' means is something I'm yet to figure out.


Nothing. I finished both 30 Things...* and Habits* last week! I'm looking for more non-fiction reads to gobble up. Any recos?

Whatever is on E!

Notes for near-future posts.

To Spotify's recommendations. Is anybody else loving Spotify's Discover feature? I haven't really paid close attention to the tracks but since I've been hogging Hozier, Coldplay, Justin Bieber and One Direction (only the new album, OK) in the last few weeks, the sounds in this mix are close to that.

About how I can maximize the holidays to plan out 2016. I'm always the girl with a plan. I don't follow it to a T (#noragrets) but I like having at least an idea of what I want to accomplish and a generalized action plan to get there.

My lola's spaghetti.

To have the discipline to run, blog and sleep early during the holidays.

To get a raket or two over the break!

A very colorful tank top, gray shorts and slippers.

Putting thought into gift-buying. I used to be a gifter who gifted for the sake of gifting but this year, I discovered the joy of giving people gifts that I'm sure they'd want to have.

Some chill!

A plan.

This, just this:

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1 - Glamour's Ultimate Guide to Eyeliners
2 - Girl, Unspotted's How To Be An Annoying Traveler
3 - Kelly Lawler's Why I love the Star Wars prequels (and you should too)

Life Currently is a variation of The Sunday Currently, originally published by Lauren.

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